The Ellen DeGeneres Show comes to an end after 19 seasons between laughter and much controversy

By Sol Eisenberg

05/26/2022 – 11:44 AM

This May 26 will be the last episode of one of the most successful programs on American television, The Ellen Show.

After almost 20 years of transmission, the program of the 64-year-old American actress and presenter Ellen DeGeneres, culminates with more than 3,000 episodes and hundreds of guests due to accusations that came to light during the pandemic, where the set was described as a “toxic work environment” by the presenter and a fragment of the work team.

Despite this, several A-List stars remain supportive of the host and will be performing in the latest episode. Among them are Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Garner, Channing Tatum, Serena Williams, Zac Efron and his wife, Portia de Ross.

In a tweet posted by Ellen on the day of the episode’s taping, she wasted no time in thanking all of the show’s fans.

“Being invited into their lives was the greatest privilege of my life and has brought me immense joy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you”

The production company Warner Brothers, where the program was recorded, has assured that medical insurance will be maintained for the program’s workers for six more months after the last episode as support.

Top 5 awkward moments on the show

The accusations are not surprising after 17 years of awkward moments on the show. Among them you can find:

  1. Forced disclosure of Mariah Carey’s pregnancy: In an interview given in 2008 with Mariah Carey, fans noted how Ellen undertook to press the issue of a possible pregnancy by the singer. When Ellen offered her champagne, after Carey refused to talk about it, the singer experienced an upset moment. Shortly after, the singer suffered a miscarriage, losing the pregnancy.
  2. Teasing the pronunciation of Sofía Vergara: Despite several years of friendship and trust, Ellen’s taunts towards the well-known accent of the Latin actress Sofia Vergara are quite a few. From interview comments to embarrassing games and videos.
  3. Comment on the failed relationship between Katy Perry and her ex-husband Russell Brand: Ellen apparently forgot about the failed marriage between singer Katy Perry and comedian Russell Brand during a ‘Will You Perry Me’ gaming segment.
  4. Teasing the hair of Céline Dion’s son: In a 2007 interview, the comedian and presenter mockingly asked Céline Dion when she would decide to cut her son’s hair. In response, the singer replied that she can never make everyone happy and that she accepts her son’s decisions and when he is ready, she will cut his hair.
  5. The continuing mockery of Taylor Swift’s romantic life: The presenter, in a 2012 interview with singer Taylor Swift, did not stop her desire to annoy her by naming male celebrities with whom she has been related in the past. Despite the singer’s visible nerves, Ellen kept the focus on how her music focuses primarily on men and specifically who.

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