The 5 mystery series that you can not miss

Series and mystery is a difficult combination to resist, it is ideal to enjoy an autumn day, when the temperature drops and it becomes more and more difficult to get out of bed. That’s why below we leave you five mystery series that go through HBO Max that you can’t miss.

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Big Little Lies

Based on the homonymous book written by Liane Moriarty, who participates in the script with David Kelley. This 2-season HBO Max original series focuses on a group of mothers: Madeline Mackenzie, Celeste Wright and Jane Chapman; from Northern California whose seemingly perfect lives take a sinister turn.

Everything seems to be going well until, almost without realizing it, their lives change little by little and they find themselves involved in issues such as infidelity, domestic violence, bullying and even murder.. Although neither of them know it, the arrival of Jane and her son Something has changed that will affect the entire city and they will have no choice but to hide a dark secret that threatens to destroy them.

The leading trio is played by:

  • Nicole Kidman (Moulin Rouge, The Others) as Celeste Wright

  • Reese Witherspoon (Walk the Line, Legally Blonde) plays Madeline Mackenzie

  • Shailene Woodley (The Fault in Our Stars, Divergent) is Jane Chapman.

Completing the cast are Zo Kravitz (Mad Max: Fury Road), Alexander Skarsgrd (True Blood) and James Tupper (Revenge), among many others. Under the direction of Jean-Marc Valle, in addition to two of the protagonists: Witherspoon and Kidman collaborate as executive producers through their two companies; Pacific Standard and Blossom Films.

Pretty Little Liars

With 7 seasons, this series is full of mystery and intrigue. It is based on the best sellers of the popular series of homonymous novels written by Sara Shepard.which led to the television adaptation developed by I. Marlene King (‘Give me back my luck’).

This drama tells the story of four teenage friends: Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale, ‘Privileged’), Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell, ‘Aaron Stone’), Hannah Marin (Ashley Benson, ‘Eastwick’) and Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario, ‘Navy: Criminal Investigation’).

The protagonists begin to receive threatening messages, that somehow he knows all their secrets; of someone named “A”. One year after the alleged murder and disappearance of her friend Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse, ‘Hroes’), the leader of the group; which makes it even more suspicious.

Their worlds collapse and from then on, ‘A’ threatens to make them publicso the girl group puts all their efforts into preventing this from happening, uncover the true identity of your stalker and shed some light about who murdered her best friend.

The Undoing

Nicole Kidman stars in this HBO Max original thriller directed by Oscar winner Susanne Bier and written by David E. Kelley.

The miniseries follows Grace Fraser (Kidman), a successful psychologist who is enjoying the life she always dreamed of for herself. He is about to publish his first book, but in his personal life he is also on a dream road: She has a loyal husband and a son who attends an elite New York private school.

Everything changes drastically weeks before the publication of his book: a violent death crosses his lifetheir perfect marriage falls into an abyss when a murder and the disappearance of her husband reveal a series of terrible discoveries.

Horrible secrets begin to come to light about this person I thought I knew. And Grace, affected by the public ridicule of the case and after seeing that she has finally failed in life, must embark on a new path for her own good and that of her son.

This HBO drama stars: Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant; and was written by David E. Kelley.

The White Lotus

Created by Mike White, This HBO Max miniseries features a social satire that follows the vacations of various guests as they relax at an exclusive Hawaiian resort.

It is set in an exclusive and heavenly tropical resort. The story follows various guests of this wonderful hotel and its employees over the course of a week. Although it may seem like a short time, in seven days anything can happen.

But with each passing day, a dark complexity begins to emerge between these seemingly perfect tourists, the employees, and the idyllic place itself: the outcome of a death.

Among the resort’s employees is Armond, a fussy manager who, after a sudden trauma, begins a dramatic downward spiral. Belinda is the other employee who gets involved in a roller coaster of emotions because of a client.

The guests are made up of the Mossbacher family: Nicole, a successful executive; her husband Mark, dealing with an embarrassing health crisis; his teenage son Quinn, a gamer with no social skills; and her daughter Olivia who travels with her friend Paula.

The Staircase

Inspired by real events and recently released on the platform, it tells the story of the writer and war veteran, Michael Peterson, following the suspicious death of his wife Kathleen in 2001 in which he was charged with murder. So mediatic was the case that he managed to have several books and a documentary series that Netflix itself followed years later.

Michael calls 911 to report that Kathleen fell down the stairs of her home in Durham, but after several investigations, the case turns 180. The police suspected that he beat her to death and reconstructed the scene to make it look like an accident. In the trial, evidence related to the murder was also carried out in order to put Peterson in jail, which were later denied.

This gripping mini-series explores how difficult it can be to find the truth and portrays a family’s pain from within. The best thing is that there are new weekly episodes until June 9 on HBO Max.

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