successful 1st date of the “Ricardo Vergara” Tournament in Goudge – Diario San Rafael

Organized by UTN-Patín San Rafael and the collaboration of the Municipality of San Rafael, last Saturday the 1st date of the Ricardo Vergara Tournament in San Rafael, at the Goudge Sports Center, was held with total success. Skaters from the province of Córdoba, Mendoza capital, Las Heras, Luján de Cuyo and the different local clubs attended.

The competition was developed under the Free modality including Exhibition categories, adults (Mami Patín), up to category “A”. On behalf of the local schools were representatives of the UTN (National Technological University), Top Level, Goudge, Cedrys, Pupee Goudge and the Sportivo Pedal Club.


In this Adult Freestyle category: 1st Cecilia Tapia (UTN) 34.1, 2nd Vanesa Ibaceta (Cedrys) 34.0, 3rd Andrea Salinas (UTN) 32.5, 4th Paola Mortarotti (UTN) 32.4 .

Also in Free: 1st Delfina Mora (Rama Caída) 32.0, 2nd Antonela Muslero Godoy (UTN) 29.8, 3rd Morena Pacheco (Top Level) 29.7, 4th Luana Lucía Verdugo (Rama Caída) 28 .5, 5th Ailen Peña (Top Level) 28.1.

In Free: 1st Johana Rocco (UTN), 2nd Ana Lucía Giménez (UTN), 3rd Martina Lamberti (Rama Caída), 4th Keila Mulero Godoy (UTN), 5th Guadalupe Espejo (Top Level) and 6th Martina Lamberti (Fall Branch).

Free: 1st Victoria Castilla (UTN) 30.0, 2nd Josefina Vega (UTN) 29.7, 3rd Kiara Mulero Godoy (UTN) 29.6. While the 1st place went to Sol Santiago (UTN) 28.9, and 2nd Pilar Bosquet (UTN) 28.3.

Free: 1st Candela Galdame (Top Level) 30.0, 2nd Delfina Nieva (UTN) 28.0, 3rd Martina Nieva (UTN) 27.4, 4th Mía García (Cedrys) 27.1, 5th Alma mirror (Top Level) 24.6. In addition, 1st Mía Fernández (Cedrys) 31.4, 2nd Sofía Poblete (UTN) 30.0, 3rd Bianca Freyre (UTN) 29.95, 4th Sofía Vergara (UTN) 25.5.

Free: 1st Josefina Guillén (UTN) 31.2, 2nd Guillermina Guillén (UTN) 30.5, 3rd Juan Ortega (UTN) 29.0, 4th Morena Magione (Pedal) 26.3, 5th Emilia Albert (Pedal) 25.3. Then in Free: 1st Agustina Pérez (UTN) 31.2, 2nd Guillermina Guillen (UTN) 30.5, 3rd Juana Ortega (UTN) 29.0, 4th Bianca Russo (Cedrys) 26.7, 5th Oriana Salas (UTN) 25.2.

Free: Agustina Sbona (UTN) 29.3, 2nd Giuliana Dimarco (UTN) 27.4, 3rd Isabela Molina (UTN) 24.4, 4th María Pía Gañán 24.2, 5th Luciana García (Poupee Goudge) 22.1, and 6th Camila Zalazar (Poupee Goudge) 21.15.

Free: Brenda Agüero (UTN) 26.15, 2nd Isabella Fernández (Pedal) 24.8, 3rd Pilar García Poupee Goudge) 24.4, 4th Martina Antolín (Pedal) 23.4, 5th Gimena Salvarredi (Poupee Goudge) 21.5, 6th Angeles Cardozo (Poupee Goudge) 20.1.

Free: Mía Martínez (UTN) 26.8 and 2nd Pía Lozano (Poupee Goudge) 25.0. 1st Ticiana Calderón (UTN) 28.8, 2nd María Josefina Contreras (Poupee Goudge) 24.9, 3rd Victoria García (Poupee Goudge) 24.8, and 4th Rocío Abigail Vera (Poupee Goudge) 22.4.

For her part, also in Free, 1st was placed Mía Moyano (UTN) 26.1, 2nd Luisiana Sabio (UTN) 25.9, 3rd Melanie Sol (UTN) 25.2, 4th Alma González (Top Level) 24.2.

Free: 1st Isabella Garro (UTN) 27.5, 2nd Joselina Bazzan (Cedrys) 25.7, 3rd Morena Rocco (UTN) 22.91, 4th Jazmín Concha (UTN) 22.6, 5th Ailen Colque (Top Level) 22.3, 6th Naomí Díaz (UTN) 22.1, 7th Danya Vera (Top Level) 21.4 and 8th Antonella Navascuez (UTN) 20.3.

In the category C3 17, 18 years old, the 1st place went to Briana Campo (UTN), in the category C4- 12, 13, 14 years old; 1st place was obtained by Ana Paula González (UTN) 29.9, 2nd Victoria Argañara 28.7 and 3rd Josefina Jara (UTN) 27.4, then 4th place went to Ariadna Solos (Top Level) 27.1 and 5th Samira Vera (Top Level) 25.5.

In the Formative School category-7.8 years; Julia Martínez (UTN) got 1st place, 2nd Ana Paula Canda (Goudge), and 3rd Zoe Bernardeau (Goudge). And in the Free-2C category, Lucía Lozano (UTN) won


In 7,8, 9 years; 1st place went to Morena Martínez (UTN), 2nd Isabela Tardito (Cedrys), 3rd Kiara Campo (UTN) with Olivia Aguirre (UTN), 4th Bárbara Navazcuez (UTN), 5th Ailín Díaz (UTN), 6th Ema Vilchez (UTN), 7th Bianca Vilchez (UTN), 8th Monserrat Fernández (UTN), 9th Mía Barrera (UTN), 10th Kiara Segura (UTN), 11th Zoe Guardia (UTN), 12th Victoria Encinas (Top Level), 13th Catherina Colque (Top Level), 14th Josefina Perrone (UTN), 15th Ana Cecilia Lucero (UTN).

On the other hand, in the Exhibition-Men category, the 1st place corresponded to Tomás Arroyo from the UTN and in the Formative School, Alejandro Pereyra prevailed.

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