Solution of the challenges of week 10 of Fortnite season 2 chapter 3

It seems incredible but we are already in the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Week 10and under another compendium of weekly challenges that are going to come in handy to get that experience we need to raise our battle pass level.

This week we have striking challenges such as flying into the collider’s energy field, repairing turrets or setting up tents in specific places, among other challenges.

So we offer you the solution to all the challenges of week 10 of Fortnite chapter 3 so that you have that experience you are looking for.


Fortnite season 2 chapter 3: Resistance, story trailer

Solution of the challenges of week 10 of Fortnite season 2 chapter 3

Repair any turret with the repair torch (300)

We must find the repair torch that is a random element that you can see on the ground, in the fall of enemies, chests or those red tool boxes and then approach a turret that is damaged to repair it.

We can find these turrets in places such as chopped floors or in control caverns mainly.

Pitch a tent at an outpost of the Seven

As easy as doing what is said in the statement, we recommend that you go to Control Cavern where you will find several abandoned tents at the top where the heliport and indoors that you can claim.

You can now use the turrets to boost yourself to any of the Seven’s outposts around you, recommending the one just to the west near the mouth of the river as shown on this map:


Simply place the tent to complete the challenge.

Use healing mist while gliding

Collect the healing mist that can be found as random loot in games and simply use it while performing the movement of the slide, obviously before you have to have taken some life to be able to use this element.

Use a mounted turret to deal damage to opponents in vehicles (200)

For example, we can use any of the mounted turrets of the different battle buses that are unlocked and then go to the tanks controlled by other users or by enemies to shoot them with the bus turret.

Obviously any other type of turret mounted on any other vehicle you can find is fine.

Enter a vehicle within 10 seconds of landing

As soon as you land from the Battle Bus, enter any vehicle but within 10 seconds of landing. You can use any vehicle including tanks and helicopters.

Fly into the Collider’s energy field

There is no greater mystery, we go to the new location of The Collider, and that huge energy tower is the one we must try to enter to overcome the challenge.

Gesture on top of an IO outpost

You can go to the outpost you want to be available on the map and perform any emote.

We leave you a map with the situation of these outposts:


With this you would have overcome all the challenges of this week 10 of Fortnite so you can quickly upload the battle pass.

So with this you know how to complete all the challenges of week 8 of Fortnite chapter 3. For more details, do not forget to check the news of this season 2 of chapter 3 of Fortnite and the Marauder skin. Also all the new weapons and skins of this season 2.

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