Sebastián Yatra assures that Camilo, Montaner’s son-in-law, and Rauw are not in love

Sebastián Yatra and Camilo with Eva Luna / Courtesy

Sebastián Yatra and Camilo with Eva Luna / Courtesy

The singer Sebastián Yatra is again in the middle of the controversy, because a few weeks after an intimate video of his was allegedly leaked, which he denied, now a clip began to circulate in which he talks about the sentimental life of his colleagues Camilo and Raw Alexander.

In the images that last just 30 seconds, the interpreter of “There is no one else” appears having dinner with the Argentine presenter Susana Giménez, and where everything seems to indicate that Yatra does not realize that he is being recorded while talking about the relationships of the artists before mentioned.

“Neither Camilo nor Rauw are in love. What I have realized for the years that I have been working in the industry…”, says Sebastián Yatra to the surprise of the presenter.

It should be noted that before Sebastián gave that answer, Susana can also be heard saying: “Is what you told me true? It can’t be”, she astonished by the sayings.

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Although the context of the talk is unknown, these statements were enough to enrage the fans of the aforementioned couples, since they consider that the Colombian should not have talked about them.

After circulating the video on social networks, the singer Rauw Alejandro shared a couple of laughing emojis on his Twitter account, some users took it as a mockery of Yatra’s comments while others assure that it is a joke and he only reacts.

In the same way, the followers of the 27-year-old singer-songwriter have also mentioned that everything can be put together by the same artist because he will soon release a song with Camilo and Rauw Alejandro.

Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro / Camilo and Eva Luna

Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro / Camilo and Eva Luna


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