Salvador Ramos: He played Fortnite, Call of Duty and suffered bullying

Salvador’s friends report that he suffered from a stutter and a strong lisp, which is why he was frequently teased at school and on social media.

United States.- Salvador Ramos, the 18-year-old who yesterday killed 21 people at a school in Uvalde, Texas, suffered bullying due to a speech impediment in his childhood, according to local media.

Salvador used to be violent with his peers and strangers, friends and family said.

A friend of Ramos commented to the United States media that he had known him since they were in elementary school, however, they stopped being friends when Salvador changed his way of being.

They both used to play video games like Fortnite and Call of Duty and even basketball. On one occasion, Ramos arrived at the park with a scratched face and said that he had been the cat.

“Then he told me the truth, that he had cut his face with knives over and over again. I said to myself, ‘You’re crazy, brother, why would you do that?’” said Santos Valdez Jr, who later pointed out that Ramos replied that he was doing it for fun.

In middle school and high school, Ramos was bullied for having a stutter and a loud lisp, friends and family said.

“They harassed him a lot, like harassed by many people, by social networks, by games, by everything. He was the nicest boy, the most shy. He just needed to come out of his shell,” said another friend of Salvador.

The young man identified as Garcia mentioned that he tried to help his friend but then had to move to Texas because of his mother’s job.

Garcia pointed out that Salvador dropped out of school, let his hair grow and his way of being also changed.

“He wasn’t a very social person after being bullied for stuttering,” said Mia, the young man’s cousin.

According to authorities, the assailant used a gun purchased this month, days after his 18th birthday, to shoot and seriously injure his grandmother.

On the other hand, Ramos’s neighbors pointed out that the young man and his mother used to argue, they even saw police officers outside their house.

Relatives of the aggressor reported that the woman used drugs, which contributed to the turmoil in the home and the reason why Salvador moved in with his grandmother.

“I think he needed mental help. And a closer relationship with her family. And love,” commented García, Salvador’s friend.

-ABC News

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