Reggie comments on how Nintendo could get a good transition after Switch

We get more interesting statements from Reggie Fils-Aime. Remember that this is the former president of Nintendo of America, who has now confirmed news.

Specifically, on this occasion we have been able to find out Reggie’s opinion on the transition that Nintendo could carry out from Switch to its next console. This is what he has shared with Games Industry:

So let’s recognize that moving from one successful platform to the next is incredibly difficult and challenging. Specifically for Nintendo and Switch, the company has also said that in its opinion the Switch is still halfway through its life cycle. If that’s true, the company needs to think about what it will do in the next four to five years to continue the core business push for Switch. So it’s about following in the footsteps of that and what the future holds. It is quite a heavy job to do.

I think first and foremost you need to think about the flow of content and what will keep players engaged. I think you have to look at history and what have been some of the historical tactics that have worked to maintain a life cycle of a particular generation, and that includes everything from mid-cycle updates to thinking about price and value. There are a number of different tactics you can use, but fundamentally the content pipeline needs to be there.

I’m still very active in this industry, I’m active as an investor and an advisor, and I think being aware of changing demographics and geographic opportunities, how technology continues to evolve, these are all things that a company like Nintendo needs at the time to think about launching the next console after Switch.

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