Olivia Rodrigo reacts to a fan who looks like her

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    Olivia Rodrigo has commented on a viral TikTok post, in which a girl who looks a lot like her is seen. The singer, who is very active on social networks (and we bet that mention of her would come to her), revealed her astonishment at the similarity of the girl in question and her. In the ‘clip’, the protagonist’s sister writes: “My sister after a person told her that she looks like Olivia Rodrigo”. And in it we can see how the teenager, who is dressed exactly like the singer (and purple) and has two braids as a hairstyle, walks from one side to another enjoying the compliment, and exaggerating her reaction.

    The truth is that we are not surprised that he brags, since looking like Olivia Rodrigo is a great compliment, and the followers (and the algorithm) have managed to make him go viral.

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    But what brings us here is not precisely that, but the reaction of Olivia herself, who has commented on the video saying: “No, I also thought it was me”, which has caused more ‘hype’ among the fans who This video has come out in ‘For You’. Can you imagine that, suddenly, you upload a photo or video to Instagram and your idol comments on you? What fantasy and what power of technology, eh.

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    We imagine that the girl’s feeling would be very similar to that of Paige Niemann, when Ariana Grande wrote to her or well, to a lesser extent because they are already a couple, when Tom Holland comments from time to time on Zendaya’s Instagram profile.

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