Movies and series coming to Netflix in June

Among others, the final season of ‘Peaky Blinders’ and ‘Money Heist: Korea’ are released. Photo: Pixabay

By June, the platform Netflix has announced the arrival of new seasons of some of its series and some movies that feature actors like Chris Hemsworth either Adam Sandler.

‘Peaky Blinders’- sixth season

The Shelby suffer a devastating loss. The end of the dry law overturns Tommy into the opium business, forcing him to ally with his enemies.

Premiere: June 10

‘The paper house: Korea’ (new series)

Thieves seize the newly minted coin from a united korea. With hostages trapped, the police must stop them, as well as their mastermind. This version confirms the success of the series created by the Spanish Álex Pina. Premiere: June 24

‘Spider’s Head’ (film)

Chris Hemsworth already achieved a great success in Netflix with ‘tyler rake‘ and now it repeats with a science fiction thriller about how two young prisoners deal with their past in a facility where criminals were experimented on. Directed by Joseph Kominsky ‘Top Gun: Maverick’.

Premiere: June 17

‘The Umbrella Academy’ – third season

The series nominated for Emmy about a dysfunctional family Superheros returns with a new season full of surprises.

Premiere: June 22

‘Claw’ (film)

Adam Sandler stars in this drama about an unlucky one headhunter from basketball who finds an exceptional player in Spain and sets out to prove to the world that they can succeed in the NBA.

Premiere: June 8

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