Movie premieres: Tom Cruise returns to the skies with “Top Gun: Maverick” – Movies and TV

The long-awaited sequel to the 1986 aviation action classic “Top Gun” hits theaters in Paraguay this Thursday alongside the Thai horror film “The Medium.”

Two new films arrive this Thursday to renew the Paraguayan movie billboard, one of them being one of the most anticipated blockbusters of the year: Top Gun: Maverickthe sequel to the iconic 1986 aviation movie top gunagain with Tom Cruise as protagonist.

Cruise reprises his role as U.S. Navy Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, who is sent back to the elite Top Gun pilot academy to prepare a group of airmen to carry out a mission. practically suicidal.

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Together with Cruise they act Jennifer Connelly (Snowpiercer), Jon Ham (Not a false step), Miles Teller (only the brave) Y Val Kilmeragain playing Maverick’s old rival Iceman.

The direction is in charge of Joseph Kosinskifilmmaker like Tron: Legacy (2010), oblivion (2013) and only the brave (2017).

The other premiere of the week is the Thai and South Korean horror co-production the mediumwhich follows a group of documentary filmmakers who try to investigate an alleged case of demonic possession in Thailand and end up discovering disturbing truths.

The film, directed by Banjong Pisanthanakunwas the Thai candidate for the last edition of the Oscars.

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