Kylie Jenner confirms her second pregnancy with Travis Scott

This time the rumors are true. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are expecting their second child. If it all started with the Page Six post, which started the rumors that Kylie I was pregnant. On this occasion it has been Jenner herself who has published a video on your personal Instagram account in which only the cover makes it clear with a very large ‘pregnant’.

Although the couple suffered a breakup a few years ago, until now it was not completely official that they had returned. It was an open secret. In fact, a little over three months ago there was talk of a possible reconciliation of the youngest of the Kardashian clan with the singer, but now with this video we can confirm that it is more than official. The family grows and the first daughter of both, Stormywill have a little brother, or sister, in the next few months.

In the video posted by the celebrity images of Kylie in the hospital seeing her baby for the first time, breaking the news to her mother, her little daughter… We can also see some clips, very affectionate by the way, with Travis Scott and not only that, but we can also appreciate how Jenner already has an ideal pregnant belly hugged by her little Stormi who confirms that they have recorded the most memorable moments of the beginning of the pregnancy.

In addition, there are also some fragments of Kylie Jenner’s birthday party in which Travis Scott had a very important role. Emphasizing even more, that the couple is closer than ever and that they want to form a happy and united family together.

And the best of all is that It’s only been a year since the US edition of Harper’s BAZAAR interviewed Jenner and asked her about having a second baby.. To which she replied: “tAll my friends pressure me about it.” and I add: “They love Stormi. I definitely feel the pressure to give him a brother, but there is no plan.”. And it seems that the plan is already on its way. Congratulations, couple!

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