Kourtney Kardashian Reveals She Was Told To Drink Travis Barker’s Semen To Help With Fertility

kourtney kardashian and her new husband Travis Barker They have been trying to have their first child together for some time.which would be the fourth for her and the third for him.

To increase your chances of getting it, the couple decided long ago to undergo a Panchakarma cleansing: an Ayurvedic treatment that promises to “remove toxins that are deep in the tissues.”

The cameras of the program that the celebrity records with his family accompanied them during his consultation with the expert in this type of alternative medicine, to whom Kourtney gave a brief summary of the egg retrieval process you were undergoing.

One of the most shocking revelations he made was the advice your doctor had given you to improve your fertility.

“He told us, well, he told me, that what would help him would be to drink the semen about four times a week“, assured the celebrity.

The Blink-182 drummer thought it was a brilliant idea and seemed more than willing to try it, but they eventually opted for a detox that involved giving up caffeine, exercise, and sex.

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