Kim Kardashian removed Kendall Jenner from the cover of Vogue: “I will not tell”


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It’s a vogue-off.

On Thursday’s new episode of “The Kardashians” on Hulu, Kim Kardashian earned the honor of headlining the March 2022 issue of the fashion bible, knocking her sister Kendall Jenner off the cover in the process.

“Last week, American Vogue did a fantastic, amazing cover with Kendall and while they were filming they called me from the set and said, ‘By the way, they want to offer Kendall the cover of the March issue.’ … She was so excited,” Kris Jenner told Kim.

“I just got a call this morning from Kendall’s agent and he’s like, ‘Good news, bad news… I’m not sure Kendall is going to be right for this cover.'”

The good news? “Kim was asked to do the cover,” Kris said, adding that the honor is “as big as it gets.”

The March 2022 issue marked Kim’s third for the magazine; she divided readers by covering the glossy April 2014 issue with her then-fiancé Kanye West, then getting her first solo cover of hers for the May 2019 issue.

Kendall Jenner landed her first Vogue cover in September 2016. Getty Images

“I’m so excited to be on the cover of Vogue,” the Skims founder said during a confessional. “I don’t care how many times you could be on the cover; will never, never get old… This one feels very special to me. I feel very honored to be a part of this.”

However, neither Kris nor Kim wanted to be the one to break the news to Kendall.

“I feel so bad. Like, it’s bittersweet. I’m not going to tell her,” Kim said, before telling producers that she would have felt very differently competing with her sister for a Vogue cover 15 years ago.

The brothers posed together at the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar Party, both dressed in Balenciaga. Wire Image for Vanity Fair

“I probably would have murdered Kendall myself to get the cover, if it was a choice between the two of us,” she deadpanned. “My desperation in the past… she would have been buried before she got this cover.”

Kendall eventually found out about the cover trade through her agent.

“I am happy for my sister, and she should be very happy,” said the model. “There isn’t a bone in my body because I think it went to the right person… Don’t get me wrong, I would have been extremely honored and beyond thrilled to get this Vogue cover… But I’m happy to give it up to my sister.

Kendall is no Vogue newbie, having landed the September 2016 cover and starred in multiple fashion features for the magazine. Both she and Kim have also starred in multiple international editions of Vogue.


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