Khloé Kardashian’s anti-cellulite remedy a must try

Cellulite, the sworn enemy of (almost) all of us women: getting rid of it seems like an impossible challenge, and with the arrival of summer – and an imminent costume test – we just have to try whatever remedy seems to promise miraculous results. So why not take a cue from the stars and find out what their anti-cellulite tricks are? That of Khloé Kardashian, for example, it is as simple as it is effective. His secret is the foam roller, a small fitness tool that helps solve many small daily problems.

What is the foam roller

The foam roller is nothing more than a small cylindrical foam roller, which has some marks on its surface bizarre bumps. These are the ones who carry out the “hard” work: using the tool to perform massages and compressions, you will have the impression of having real hands that are manipulating our body, with many benefits for the entire osteo-muscular system. And, of course, with the added benefit of reducing cellulite and preventing its reappearance.

Foam roller FX FFEXS

Foam roller FX FFEXS

It stimulates circulation and fights cellulite: just a few minutes a day is enough

Recommended by physiotherapists for rehabilitation activities such as the recovery of joint mobility or muscle strengthening, it is still used by personal trainer for warming up and muscle stretching, the foam roller has many uses in the fitness field. For example, it is commonly used in Pilates and other activities to loosen muscles, relieve rheumatic pains, and prepare the body for other more intense sports. But how does this gear it is used for cellulite and most importantly, does it really work?

Foam roller, a remedy for cellulite

Khloé Kardashian spoke extensively about hers anti-cellulite secret, explaining on her social channels the usefulness of the foam roller in a daily routine that allows her to always have firm buttocks and smooth skin. This tool proves to be a little help in reducing annoying imperfections such as water retention and orange peel skin, as long as it is used consistently. The lymphatic drainage massage practiced by the protuberances on the foam roller, if applied to crucial areas such as the buttocks and thighs, it stimulates circulation and facilitates the elimination of fluid accumulation.

Sure, the foam roller alone it cannot work miracles: to combat cellulite it is important to act on several fronts, adopting a varied and balanced diet, drinking at least 2 liters of water a day and doing some physical activity. The massage roller, if used daily, is however a very valuable ally. Its main advantage is comfort, since just carve out a small space (even just 10 minutes a day) to take advantage of its benefits immediately. For example, we can use it in the evening after returning from a long day at work, to relieve fatigue and at the same time fight cellulite.

How to choose the foam roller

There is not only one foam roller: when we are going to buy it online, we will discover that there are many models, which mainly differ in size, arrangement of the protuberances and hardness of the material. Specifically designed to combat cellulite, the structure of the Beautiful roller for example, it is characterized by small foam buttons that massage critical areas by draining excess fluids.

Beautiful roller

Beautiful roller

Your ally against cellulite at an incredible price

In addition to being a valid remedy against cellulite, the foam roller is a precious ally to fight those little annoyances we face every day, such as neck or lumbar pain. The Elvire kit it is composed not only of the classic massage roller, but also of a smaller and softer tool ideal for the most sensitive areas (such as the neck) and a mini roller for the feet, fantastic for dissolving tension and giving immediate feeling of relaxation.

Khloé Kardashian’s favorite foam roller, however, is the electric one, which allows you to add the benefits of an intense vibration to the benefits of the classic massage. The EEIEER roller it has four different massage modes and as many vibration speeds, thus offering a wide range of activities for the whole body and fighting cellulite even more effectively. Rechargeable via USB port, it has an autonomy of 2 hours at maximum intensity.

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