Katy Perry’s carelessness live: her pants break while she was ‘twerking’ and she shows everything

KKaty Perry is one of the artists who is part of the jury of ‘American Idol’ and in the last program all the members surprised those present with a performance. However, the artist suffered an incident that did not go unnoticed.

During the performance, Katy Perry decided to lean on the table and make twerking. What nobody expected is that, when making the movement, his pants ripped at the backleaving her underwear on view.

As the program quickly searched for a broadcast, decided to put the logo of the talent show on his butt so nothing could be seen. In the end, they managed to solve it in the most curious and striking way.

The team of program assistants entered the set while she was still acting to stick a yellow duct tape on his pants live. Thus, the singer could continue on stage and sing without fear that her pants would break again and everything would be seen.

Balenciaga duct tape to fix Katy Perry’s pants

If the image itself was already the most curious, it was even more the type of adhesive tape that the team had found to solve it. It was a Balenciaga tape that has already been seen publicly on other occasions.

just a few weeks ago, Kim Kardashian appeared dressed with her body completely covered with this tape sticker to witness the Balenciaga parade at Paris Fashion Week.

Who knows if soon we will see how the fame and purchases of this tape rise like everything that Kim Kardashian brings out and that has now become even more relevant after the Katy Perry incident in ‘American Idol’.

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