Katy Perry surprises with her crazy second use of antigen tests

DAfter hygienic masks became an essential object in our lives since the coronavirus pandemic broke out almost two years ago, coronavirusthe antigen test They are in recent times, especially with the spread of micron to all corners of the planet, another element that has practically been used by the majority of the world’s citizens. However, what no one had thought of was that it could have a second use.

Katy Perry It has been in charge of showing that the proliferation of antigen tests can be monetized far beyond its function to determine if we suffer from coronavirus. This is how she demonstrated it on television and explained it to her more than 150 million followers on her Instagram account.

The participating Californian artist had been invited to the ‘Saturday Night Live’ program and it would be with the look chosen for the occasion when he would display antigen tests dangling from his ears like earrings. It is true that they had golden and shiny details, but their crazy idea caused a furor.

The 37-year-old artist would also post a story on Instagram in which she not only primed her presence on the show, but also pulled her black hair to one side so the photo could be seen. surprise I had prepared in the form of an antigen test. “We’re on SNL tonight,” she would write alongside the video.

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