Julia Roberts teaches elegant and youthful fashion classes with a colorful dress at 54 – New Woman

If there is someone with great style and class, that is Julie Roberts, and is that in addition to being a great actress, is a benchmark of fashion.

And it is that, to his 54 years old, the famous is the definition of elegance and class with each of her looks, in which she wears midi skirts, pants, jeans, and dresses.

Julia knows how to always stand out, without looking vulgar or exaggerating with her looks, on the contrary, she always dazzles with her elegance.

During your stay in Cannesthe famous shone with her black outfits, one of them was a jumpsuit with a blazer collar, and another a tulle midi skirt with a black blazer.

Julia Roberts gives fashion classes in a colorful dress

Although the actress shone with these looks in black tone, also set trends and showed a risky and colorful look.

Julia she was happy and beautiful with a midi dress, with shirt collar, pleated skirt, in orange, blue, red and green.

Through a video published by her stylist, she was seen Julia dancing, showing off this modern and elegant look, with a huge smile, and loose hair, with soft waves.

Julia accessorized this outfit with white loafers, imposing fashion for women of 50 years or more.

“Wow this woman is a queen”, “I love her style and her looks”, “Julia is elegance at its best”, “I loved this look of Julia”, “wow she always has so much energy and beauty”, and “This woman is too beautiful and perfect”, were some of the reactions in networks.

The protagonist of Eat, pray, love, shows that 50 is the best age, and you can wear what makes you feel comfortable and safe, no matter what type of garment it is.

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