Julia Roberts proudly shows off her fine lines

She has earned the title of the most beautiful woman in show business and his charisma has managed to captivate the stereo world, Julia Roberts is one of the most famous faces in the world of entertainmentso everyone admires her beauty constantly.

The famous has made it clear that naturalness is part of its appealbecause its most peculiar features have always been part of what makes it unique.

Now, the actress also shows how the passage of time transforms her features with some lines of expression, wrinkles and age marks, however none of this detracts from its beauty.

On the contrary, for the protagonist of “Pretty Woman”, These natural signs of aging are part of her beauty, so she’s not afraid to show them off, instead proudly highlighting them.

This was demonstrated in a recent publication through his Instagram accountwhere he showed part of his makeup look, in addition to his wrinkles and emblematic smile.

Julia Roberts is an example of naturalness

Through their social networks, Julia has shown what her simplest and unfiltered side is likeso he usually shares images that are an example of naturalness.

Although it is common to see the actress with striking looks, makeup and sophisticated hairstyles to show off at events in the entertainment industry, she also knows how to stand out in her most natural facet.

Without makeup, With comfy outfits and without any filter, this is how the famous is seen every time she decides to share images of her daily life and it is this authenticity that has earned her more and more love from her fans.

Although the famous has been considered one of the most attractive women in the worldhas refused to follow stereotypes and, therefore, whenever he has the opportunity, he shows his simplest facets.

This has always been characteristic of Julia, who, even showed up with armpit hair for a red carpet.

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