Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are betrayed by their friends, who say they could get married very soon

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain. /Getty Images

Although both have said that they are in no hurry to get married. The truth is that they have been Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s own friends who betrayed the romantic coupleoh they made it clear to the magazine U.S. Weekly that may surprise many get married very soon.

The couple formed by Jennifer Lopez Y Ben Affleck has lost some media pull in recent weeks given the discretion with which both are trying to manage their exciting relationship, subject to all kinds of rumors and analysis since the romance was officially confirmed almost a year ago. Sources from his closest environment have now wanted to offer some news about his supposed desire to marry very soon.

Remember that this is something Jennifer Lopez Y Ben Affleck they did not get to do during the courtship they had almost two decades ago, due, according to them, to the excessive media pressure they suffered and their busy professional schedules. On this occasion, however, it seems that the wedding will take place sooner rather than later.

Jennifer Lopez He will say that he is in no hurry to get married, but his best friends think otherwise. The truth is that if Ben wanted to advance the plans and get married this summer, Jennifer would be totally up for the work, ”these informants have assured in conversation with Us Weekly magazine.

In the event that this long-awaited link materializes, the future couple will spare no expense and will delight their family and friends with a “spectacular” event: “Of course, Jennifer will want a spectacular celebration and money will not be a problem. The two of you are fully committed to this relationship and will do whatever it takes to make it work. They also want to avoid the mistakes of the past and for this it will be essential to respect the personal space of the other”, they added.

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