Jada Pinkett Smith confesses her “biggest wound” that affects her relationships

It’s been two months since the Oscars party. A gala in which Will Smith was the main protagonist, especially for his slap in the face Chris Rock after he made an unfortunate comment about Jada Pinkett Smith. An event that has caused the Smith family not to go through their best moment, isolating themselves almost completely from the cameras and dealing with their problems in the shadows.

Since that day there have not been many times in which the family has appeared before the cameras, much less to talk about what happened. However, Jada Pinkett Smith has returned to her Facebook Watch show, ‘Red Table Talk’where she has had a discussion about the relationship between mother and daughter accompanied by her mother, Adrienne Banfueld-Norris, and his daughter, Willow Smithtogether with the writer of the book ‘Mother Hunger’, Kelly McDaniel.

During their conversation they have addressed different issues related to motherhood, but the presenter has also wanted to confess her greatest weakness, which directly affects her personal relationships, such as the one she has with Will Smith, about which it has been rumored that they could be going through a real crisis. “Mine is just feel that I have no protection. It is my biggest wound, and it always comes out in my relationships”.

A problem that comes from when she was just a teenager, following the death of her grandmother. Her mother, Adrienne, has been a part of this: “the environment that existed when I was little, my addiction, she found refuge in my mother, and then, when my mother died, that was when my addiction ended”.

At that time, Jada Pinkett had to deal with many adult problems, and it also took its toll: “I had to managing many adult problems at a very young ageShe didn’t have the ability to deal with all those emotions she was feeling. I just had to move on”.

A message about Will Smith’s slap in the face of Chris Rock

But, the most curious of all has been the explanatory message that the program has issued at its beginning, referring to the subject of Will Smith’s slap to Chris Rock, and of which they have not yet been pronounced clearly and publicly. “Considering everything that has happened in the last few weeks, lhe Smith family has focused on deep healing. Some of the discoveries surrounding our healing they will be shared at the table when the time comes“, have pointed.

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