How to stay in shape, according to David Beckham’s trainer

Gunnar Peterson has helped some of the world’s most famous athletes and celebrities to lose weight and stay fitfrom Tom Brady until khloe kardashian. Now as F45 Training’s new Head of Athletics, Peterson oversees all of the company’s programs.

In fact, Peterson was in London last week to launch a training DB45 special with david beckham. Naturally, it was a football-inspired workout session, which included cardio work and strength, as Peterson is a big advocate of working in all three planes of motion and variations so that your body mirrors everything you do in real life.

David wanted a training and obviously it has an association with F45,” says Peterson. Like Mark Wahlbergwho attended the session, david beckham he is involved with F45 and wanted to do his signature training. As he told Peterson, “I want the exercise routine be a sample of me soccer training and I would like it to be something that people can build on”, for which there are ways to progress or adapt the exercises, depending on your abilities.

David Beckham with Gunnar Peterson and the F45 coaches.

Alexander Tamargo

Before putting the DB45 training to the test david beckhamI spoke with Gunnar Peterson about how keeping fitslim and healthy.

train to stay fit

“I don’t see men trying to get huge anymore. I think that is a population niche; actually, it always was. gain volume it is a commitment to a lifestyle for X number of months or years. I think in general most men just want to be skinny. In addition, there are many more alternatives available: a bike ride, windsurfing, rollerblading, mountain biking, or running triathlons. A guy I know wanted to improve his golf technique. He didn’t mind being a little thinner, he didn’t mind looking better, he didn’t mind having a little more weight either. cardiovascular fitnessbut he loved taking the pain out of doing a swing. That is something important.”

Consistency is the key

“You have to be consistent with your training, feeding, break Y Recovery. You should pay attention to your nutrition, drink more water than you think what you need, work rest and train regularly. It’s not that every training session is impossible, but it does have to be a challenge.”

Muscles pay for the party

“For lose weight and stay fityou have to lift weights. Stop worrying about getting big, just lift weights. You have to train under load. You must exert more effort during your training than at work, so: if you are a business person and you carry a backpack or a briefcase to the office and it weighs 5 kg, start training with 10 kg. This will make your life easier, and it will also help you lose weight.”

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