His return was like therapy: Jeff Goldblum on the incursion into the Jurassic World universe

“It was like a high school reunion,” Jeff Goldblum says with a smile, recalling his reunion with Laura Dern and Sam Neil on the set of Jurassic World: Dominion. The film marked the return of the three actors who, 30 years ago, starred in the story that began the Jurassic franchise, and marked a turning point in the cinemawith jurassic-park, by Steven Spielberg.

“In a way it was like regression therapy. I immediately got flashes of all that happened years ago, and of course working with our wonderful director (Spielberg). We couldn’t stop talking about it, and now we had to fulfill a new task, which was quite challenging, “he told The Sun of Mexico the actor, who returns to life Ian Malcolm.

Among the parallels they found during this shoot are the obstacles they faced at the time of recording, because this time they started in the middle of the pandemic, so they were confined to the same space, just like in the filming of the first installment.

“Just like this time we had a big challenge. Back then we had Hurricane Iniki, we shot the first two weeks in Hawaii, and we had to survive that,” she chatted. “We were very close, it brought us together in a very primitive way.”

Recalling those vicissitudes, and pointing out that none of those tragedies managed to “extinguish” the saga, Bryce Dallas Howard, protagonist of the current trilogy, quoted one of the most iconic lines of Ian: “Life found the way”, he exclaimed with a smile.

They return to the origins

Like the original installment, computer animation was not predominant. Most of the scenes with dinosaurs were done with robots hyperrealists known as animatronics. According to Bryce, that helped them to give the scenes credibility, because “we didn’t have to act, they were already scary enough,” he said.

“The tradition has continued, the technology what do we use for these films it existed on the edge of what was being discovered and tested, but additionally we didn’t use CGI (computer generated imagery) here. we have more animatronics than in the previous two together. For us as actors, that was a gift.”

The actress He stressed that it is also a way to take advantage of the techniques that have been used to tell stories for thousands of years. “It’s like using puppets, this is new and old, using it this way and transporting it somewhere else, it was the best this universe has to offer.”

fusion of genres

For the libretto, director and co-writer Colin Trevorrow (Emily Carmichael collaborated with him on the screenplay), took elements from the films of action. According to him, it was a way of giving his touch to the movie, and add something new to the saga.

“Originally we wanted to do a thriller scientific, taking place in white labs and test tubes, with someone pulling the strings from above. There are also dinosaurs among the stones during the scenes in Malta, but we still wanted to put them in a city between metal and glass.”

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Jurassic World: Dominion It also features performances by Chris Pratt and Omar Sy. The events unfold months after the end of the fallen kingdomwhen the dinosaurs they are released on dry land, and are forced to co-exist with humans.

Now the team made up of claire (Howard) and Owen (Pratt) will have to join forces with Ian Malcolm, Ellie Salter (Laura Dern) and Alan Grant (Sam Neil) to face a threat stemming from the new reality.

The headband had a world premiere this Monday in Mexico City, with a black carpet attended by the director and part of the cast, to live with the fans. It opens in theaters on June 1.

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