“He’s being a little hostile”: The exchange between Johnny Depp’s witness and Amber Heard’s lawyer | TV and Show

During this Wednesday, a former TMZ employee took the stand to testify in favor of Johnny Depp. However, a harsh crossroads that he shared with Amber Heard’s lawyer ended up going viral.

Despite attempts by the TMZ newscast to prevent a former employee of the news portal from testifying in the defamation case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, this Wednesday Morgan Tremaine took the stand to announce how he got information in his news about the then marriage.

It was so that whoever worked for the entertainment news commented on different news that he made about the injuries that Heard suffered at the end of his marriage, as well as how he got a video of Depp banging on his kitchen cabinets.

Regarding Amber Heard’s bruise on the day of the divorce, Tremaine assured that on that day the objective of the portal “was to capture her leaving the courthouse. He was going to stop and turn towards the camera to show the bruise on the right side of his face, the alleged bruise.”

He also assured that Depp’s video came through a link from Dropbox, a platform that works as a virtual cloud, from his “line of Johnny Depp Email Suggestions”.

However, the former TMZ employee ended up capturing the attention of users on social networks for a particular moment: when confronted Amber Heard’s attorney, Elaine Bredehoft.

“You do know that this trial will be televised, right?” Bredehoft asked during cross-examination, receiving an affirmative answer.

“So, this case will give you your 15 minutes of fameIsn’t that right?” the lawyer asked again, to which the witness seems to laugh in disgust.

“I can not stay without answering about it. In fact, I’m targeting TMZwhich is a company that makes many legal demands,” he replied.

In any case, he was not left alone with that answer, assuring that “I am not looking for 15 minutes of fame, although I invite you to speculate. I I can say the same for you for taking on the Amber Heard case.”causing the immediate reaction of the public in court.

He’s being a little hostileDon’t you think so?” Bredehoft commented.

“Oh, a little, but I think it’s purely logical.”Tremaine closed, continuing with other questions.

That exchange ended up going viral on social networks, where they highlighted a member of the public at the trial who opens his eyes and mouth almost completely in the discussionas well as the laughter of Johnny Depp and his lawyer.

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