“He tore me on paper from my hand”: Mariana Brey revealed what she experienced in an interview with Ricardo Montaner


He is, without a doubt, one of the most recognized and beloved artists in all of Latin America. Ricardo Montaner He has known very well how to win the affection of the public with his enormous talent. However, this time she was left in the center of the scene because of what he revealed. Mariana Brey in “Show Partners”the cycle that is emitted in Channel Thirteen.

«It happens to Ricardo that it is more difficult for him to smile. He is divine, talented, but some things bother him when you make a note to him », began by stating the communicator, one of the panelists of the cycle that is in charge of Rodrigo Lussich and Adrián Pallares. However, this was not all, since one of the presenters immediately went for more.

«I always tell the same anecdote… One morning, I came to a cycle and, obviously, I was going to sing. When he arrived, Montaner told me ‘I’m not going to sing’… », Adrián stated in front of each of his companions. “I looked at him and said: ‘If you are not going to sing, then what did you come for?'”, He clarified, leaving everyone with their mouths open and unable to believe it.

“Did they tell you that you had to sing?” Asked another of the members of the Karina Iavícoli cycle. “They say she doesn’t sing in the morning,” Pallares pointed out more directly than ever. Far from being silent Mariana Brey told what she herself lived. “Once I made an exclusive note in a hotel, those that are like hand in hand,” clarified the entertainment journalist.

«He presented something and I was going to have like 15 or 20 minutes of air, so it was something gross. I don’t know what it was from, but I do remember that it was important. I remember that I arrived neat, with the questions, and since it was big I took everything. When I arrived I sat down, I asked him the first question and he said: ‘What’s going on? Alone you can’t?’. She ripped the paper out of my hand. He is divine. Like, you know what? I could!”sentenced the panelist.

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