Fast X: Rita Moreno in Fast and Furious 10 will be the grandmother of Vin Diesel: here is the video of the announcement

Another important entry in the cast of the tenth film in the Fast and Furious series: the legendary Rita Moreno, relaunched by the recent West Side Story, will be Dominic Toretto’s grandmother. Here she is on video with Vin Diesel.

They do not miss anything those of Fast and Furious: the fastest cars, the most breathtaking locations and … an Oscar-winning cast. Last of the game to join the family of Fast Xcurrently filming, is in her 90s Rita MorenoAcademy Award, Grammy, Tony and Emmy, star of the West Side Story original, recently relaunched in theaters from the version of Steven Spielberg.

Rita Moreno and the other Oscars in the cast of Fast X

Below you see the announcement of Vin Diesel together with the actress ea Michelle Rodriguez on Instagram: “It has always been a dream of mine to work with Rita Moreno and the fact that she is here and plays my grandmother makes my soul smile. I’m really lucky.” Says the actor. To which Rita Moreno he answers “You know what? I think I was … that my venerable age was waiting for you to call me, isn’t it nice?”. And Rodriguez, who in the film is Toretto’s wife or Vin Diesel, announces with jubilation: “Rita Moreno is here, darling!”.

After Italy, the shooting of the tenth Fast and Furious they moved to London. Just to know, Rita Moreno is the fourth Academy Award-winning actress to participate in the film. where there are also Brie Larson, Helen Mirren And Charlize Theron. One more reason to see this tenth chapter of a much loved series, despite the temper of Vin Diesel, who after having quarreled with Dwayne Johnson it also caused the director to leave Justin Lin.

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