Elsa Pataky talks about the difficulties in her marriage with Chris Hemsworth: “He’s bossy”

After 12 years of marriagethe marriage of Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth is more than settled, taking into account the busy careers of both and the three children they have had together: India, 10, and twins Tristan and Sasha, 8, who live in the couple’s home in Australia.

Although Elsa Pataky don’t miss an opportunity to show your affection and affection for the ‘Thor’ actor, the Spanish model is also aware that a relationship must go through more bittersweet momentsand so he told the magazine ‘Hello’: “Not everything is so easy. No relationship is ever a bed of roses.. Marriages are built step by step, from the good moments, the wonderful moments, and also the most difficult ones.”

As you can see in the video aboveElsa Pataky acknowledges that all these years together with her husband they have helped him to evolve personallyand in particular in the aspect of patiencesomething that Hemsworth has helped him to work on, also in terms of taking care of his children: “My children have taught me to be much more patientbefore they arrived I had no patience”. He has also spoken of what it’s like to raise them with your husbandwhom he says he admires because “he’s a brilliant father”.

The hard training of Elsa Pataky to which Chris Hemsworth has submitted

In addition to sharing a love story as a marriage and parents, the pair help each other in their respective careers. This is how we have been able to verify it in the latest Instagram post by Chris Hemsworth, which shared a photo with his wife on the red carpet of ‘Interceptor’Elsa Pataky’s new movie on Netflix, which premieres June 3: “Amazing night at the Interceptor premiere, the movie of my talented and beautiful wife“.

In this new action moviewhich also produces Chris Hemsworth, Elsa Pataky plays a lieutenant in the US Army who embarks on a mission to save the world after a nuclear threat. And her husband, who has a lot of experience on the subject, it has helped him to prepare the combat scenes in a hard training that the actress commented on the program The Project: “He told me all the time how to fightwhat is the position like ‘this is the angle when you give a fist’ He is very bossy!“.

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