Dracula revives on Netflix: The most famous vampire in history comes to streaming

Turn off the lights and get comfortable on the sofa because today Dracula turns 125 years old, and we have prepared a list of recommendations around this famous bloodsucker, which you can see with a single click on the Netfllix platform.

These are three productions that, from different formats and perspectives, take up the novel dracula by the Irish writer Bram Stocker, first published on May 26, 1897.

1.- Dracula, by Bram Stoker (1992)

After longing for his lost love for centuries, Dracula believes that she has been reincarnated after four hundred years as his lawyer’s fiancée, and travels to London to find her; that is the plot behind this American horror and romance film, directed by Francis Ford Coppola.

The film features performances by Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, Keanu Reeves and Antony Hopkins, and is considered one of the best adaptations of the novel.

2.- Dracula: The Untold Story (2014)

It is an American action film directed by Gary Shore, which tells the story of Vlad Tepes (Luke Evans), a powerful medieval warrior who must become a vampire to prevent the Ottoman Empire from destroying his lands.

In exchange for obtaining unique abilities – such as moving at great speed, having superhuman strength, detecting the heat and pulse of any mammal in the midst of total darkness – Vlad Tepes makes a pact with a diabolical being, who will give him his power for three days in exchange for not tasting human blood.

3. – Dracula (2020)

This is a British drama and horror miniseries, developed by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, that follows the story of Count Dracula (Claes Bang), from his origins in Transylvania to his encounter with the descendants of Abraham Van Helsing.

It is divided into three episodes in which, through flashbacks, numerous classic aspects of this dark character are reinterpreted, such as his phobias and his motivations, adding twists and characters around the original story.

“The legend of Count Dracula is transformed with new tales that flesh out the bloody crimes of the vampire and bring to light his vulnerability,” reads the platform.

Another aspect to highlight is the use of black humor and irony, with which it distances itself from the traditional rules about how fiction with bloodsuckers should be.

More about the famous bloodsucker

Although the legend about vampires already existed, the dracula by Bram Stocker became the archetype of the Western vampire, and his story has been adapted for film, television, stage and comics.

His character takes up some aspects of the 15th century Wallachian prince, Vlad III, also known as the impaleralthough it does not support any historical relationship with his life.

Likewise, some sources indicate that the author was inspired by Erzsébet Báthory de Ecsed, also called blood countesshaving been accused and convicted of a series of crimes motivated by an alleged obsession with beauty.

Stocker’s vampire achieved great popularity thanks to the homonymous Hollywood film directed by Tod Browning and starring Béla Logosi, in 1931; but it was Nosferatu (1922) the first to bring her figure to the big screen.

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