Criticism of Kim Kardashian: Does she pretend to eat in an ad for a famous brand of vegan products? | Big Bang

It’s rare to meet someone who doesn’t know who they are kim kardashian. The billionaire businesswoman has become one of the most famous celebrities in history, making users around the world pay attention to her outfits, her movements and her words.

This has led him to star in a new stir. It has been after the publication of a video that has starred in the profile of Beyond Meatthe company that produces meat substitute foods. In it, Kim tastes some of her products to promote them, although for many not everything is what it seems.

Some users argue that the member of the Kardashian family, who has become the brand’s first Chief Taste Consultant, does not really taste any of these products and allegedly fakes chewing. And there are neither one nor two who think this, or at least that is what has been shown in the answers to this publication.

It is clear that Kim’s appearance as a promotional image for Beyond Meat it has not pleased many of its most loyal customers. Although she considers herself a regular consumer of the products of this brand, it is not accepted by many that the money earned after this collaboration goes to her empire. “People who buy your products would have liked to see the money from this ad going to animal shelters and sanctuaries rather than the Kardashian coffers,” she says @ chente06.

Be that as it may, Kim Kardashian has once again ended up on everyone’s lips. And it is that after the commotion generated by the Marilyn Monroe dress that she wore at the MET Gala, it is nothing new that it ends up occupying the covers of all the media due to some barrage of criticism. Yes indeed. She also has an army of fans who defend her endlessly.

And you, what do you think about this?

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