Cristina Pérez once again referred to the tense intersection she had with Alberto Fernández: “He took away my fear”


A very strong moment was experienced a few years ago, when the coronavirus pandemic was just beginning, and at the same time, there was talk about the expropriation of Vicentín. In a very heated context, the president Alberto Fernandez gave an interview with Cristina Perez Y Rodolfo Barili, the hosts of the central news phone.

There, an unexpected situation was generated, when the president asked the communicator to ask without adjectives. Now, in the middle of an interview with Pablo Montagna on Radio Rivadavia, the communicator spoke about it. “Many rediscovered you with this program in the morning on the radio and others when you stopped the president’s car,” her colleague told her.

“I take it as a compliment, also as a professional assessment on your part. I always had as a journalistic value since I was very young that I always had to have the question well thought out in case I had to interview a minister. I trained my whole life to ask the ‘damn question’ because it was the one that was going to work. I had the school of training the question in the interview, it made me agile. I take away the fear of asking”he pointed Cristina Perez.

“I interviewed him when Alberto was still very popular, but he had just turned around with the expropriation of Vicentin. There we all realized that he had threads and responded to the harshest Kirchnerism. I asked the question with the naturalness of someone who needed to know why he had done it. It helped me stand in another place and put myself in a more editorialist profile, ”he said.

What happened

“The fact that you went from saying that ‘these were crazy ideas that the State wanted to take over the companies’ has generated a lot of concern in the business climate, to, in just days, ordering the controversial and questionable intervention of a private company, which his competition was in the hands of a judge; and with expropriation, a word that gave the entire business sector goosebumps. Is there a chance that there will be an intermediate stage so as not to reach that situation, which for many compromises the guarantees of private property established by the Constitution?”, was what Cristina asked.

“The question would work much better if Cristina leaves adjectives aside,” said the president. “I am the journalist and you are the president, so I have the right to express it as I see fit,” the driver said.

Cristina Perez
Cristina Perez

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