Chris Hemsworth Pranks Chris Evans on His 40th Birthday (PHOTOS)

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Chris Evans he is celebrating, because today he is celebrating his 4th birthday0 with resounding success on the big screen where he has won over the public after playing the Captain America in the saga of The Avengers. Of course the congratulations were immediate, from his fans to his friends and colleagues sent him affectionate messages; however, the one that caught the most attention was the curious compliment of Chris Hemsworth.

It was through his Instagram account that Chris Hemsworth shared a curious message to celebrate the birthday of his namesake. His publication caused a stir on social networks and caused occasional laughter, as he placed a photograph of Chris Pratt, instead of Chris Evans.

In the photo you can see Chris Hemsworthwho plays Thorin what looks like a recording set of the Marvel Cinematic Universe accompanied by Chris Pratt, actor who gives life to Star-Lord.

Was Chris Hemsworth wrong?

The problem was that today is Chris Evans’s birthday, not Pratt’s, so some Internet users came to think that he had made a mistake. However, it was all a joke, as Hemsworth only made fun of the nickname that the actors receive: “The three Chris”.

Happy 40th birthday Chris Evans you will always be #1 in my book @chrisevans”wrote the actor next to the photo.

In a matter of minutes, the publication became viral, to the point that it already has more than 5 million “likes”. In addition, some of the fans left funny comments to the 37-year-old Australian actor.

“Chris Evans looks different”, “People’s sense of humor must be very dry so they don’t realize this is a joke”, “This is not Chris Evans this is Chris Pine”, “Men. Chris has changed over the years,” were some of the messages left by his followers.

Undoubtedly, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans They have an excellent friendship, which they have forged through the years. Well, let’s remember that the actors they have filmed several Marvel movies togetherHe, precisely both star in all the films of the saga of avengers, whose first film was released in 2012.


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