Celebrities accused of tax fraud, from Belinda to Robert Downey Jr

The tax fraud case who faces Shakira for almost 16 million of dollars in Spain revived the listta VIP of defaulters. And it is that in recent years more than a dozen celebrities, including sports figures, faced accusations of tax evasion, some have even stopped in court.

From movie stars and singers to movie stars soccer they have had to render accounts in court for its relationship with tax havens. That is why here we made a count of the celebrities who had or have problems with the treasury.

Robert Downey Jr.

Despite his million-dollar contracts in Hollywood, the Iron Man interpreter was among the list of debtors in the United States, a problem that was settled until 2007 when he paid around 495 thousand dollars.


In March 2022, Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that the singer Belinda has a trial in the Tax Administration Service (SAT).

“About two days ago, the thing about a singer, Belinda, came out and she has a trial at the SAT and she is defending it, but we are not going to go over Belinda,” said the president.


Martin Scorsese

The legendary director behind films like Taxi driver, The wolf of Wall Street either Wild bull was charged with tax evasion following a report by The New York Post in which his debt with the US treasury of more than 2 million dollars came to light.

John Gabriel

The Divo de Juárez was accused of evading taxes for an amount of which the amount was never specified between 1998 and 1996. In that case 11 properties were seized, but he recovered them in 2000 after paying the authority 22 million pesos.

In the years 1994, 1997 and 2000 his name was also related to fiscal problems, a situation that was repeated for the last time in June 2005, when the Federal Investigation Agency (AFI) detained him at the Ciudad Juárez International Airport. Then it was due to equal tax fraud, derived from the omission of the payment of the Income Tax for the amount of 4.17 million pesos.

John Gabriel

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

The Argentine was found guilty of tax fraud for 4.1 million euros to the Treasury during the years 2007, 2008 and 2009. And it is that the player of the Paris Saint-Germain and his father, George Horace, The more than 10 million income obtained from the rights to their image were not taxed in Spain, for which they were sentenced to 21 years in prison.

While the Portuguese agreed with the State Attorney and the Spanish Tax Agency to pay 18.8 million euros, this after admitting that he defrauded the Spanish treasury for 5.7 million euros.

Lindsay Lohan

The American singer not only had problems with drugs, she also forgot to pay her taxes in 2011. To cover her debt to the state, amounting to 233 thousand dollars, the actress had to sell some of her clothes.

Mark Anthony

In 2010, the Puerto Rican singer was accused of not paying the taxes derived from one of his properties. The debt was 2.5 million dollars and according to the artist it was all the fault of his accountant.

Luis Miguel

When he was barely 18 years old, Luis Miguel was already facing his first legal problems. The singer had a debt with the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit since he had not paid taxes. Everything was arranged with the sales of his records 20 years and Boleros, in addition to a loan from Jaime Camil Garza.

Between 2006 and 2007, he faced another similar problem, since he owed back taxes on his apartment in Miami. The figure was around 132 thousand dollars.

Pamela Anderson

The Baywatch star failed to report hundreds of thousands of dollars of her earnings in California.

Pauline Rubio

In 2002, The Golden Girl did not have a good time when her bank accounts and properties were seized for a debt of just over 5 million dollars. She also had a problem with the treasury for not declaring one million 600 thousand pesos at the end of 1990.

The Osbournes

The marriage made up of Ozzy and Sharon had a debt of 1.7 million dollars for not paying their taxes between 2008 and 2009. The same situation was faced by their daughter, Kelly Osbourne, who owed $34,000.

sophia loren

The famous actress had a problem with the Italian justice that lasted 40 years. It was not until 2013 that the Italian government cleared her of tax evasion charges in 1974 that landed her in prison for 17 days in a women’s prison in 1982.

When Sophia was released she declared that everything had been unfair and that her accountant had made a mistake. In effect, the Italian Supreme Court of Justice ruled that the Neapolitan should never have been imprisoned and that she had paid the correct amount in taxes.


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