Ben Affleck in The Batman was made possible thanks to a fan

When batman premiered a few months ago, many fans of the character thought that Robert Pattinson I wouldn’t do a good job like the billionaire BruceWayne. Faced with these divided comments, a user went to work making changes to the movie, and one of them included returning to Ben Affleck with the leading role.

This was made possible through a video, in which the user known as Stryder-HD made a change of faces, thus replacing the face of Pattinson and putting the Affleck instead. It is worth commenting that the user calls himself a special effects creator, working on previous deepfake projects that people have liked.

Here the video:

These are the statements Stryder-HD in his comparison video of The Batman with the face swap:

This is my adaptation of Ben Affleck returning as Bruce Wayne in The Batman 2, where I show what it might look like if the actor returned in the new Batman movie released in 2022, instead of Robert Pattinson, through Deep Fake technology. ”. I hope everyone enjoys this.

As initially stated, many did not like the idea of ​​giving the starring role to Pattinson, comment that was silenced once the film became a box office success. Even during the CinemaCon from 2022 one was confirmed second part for this story, and yes, once again the actor will bring the beloved character from the comics to life.

editor’s note: Despite all the opinions generated, the editor did a good job of swapping the faces, a skill that could get him a good job in a specialized studio.

Via: Stryder-HD


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