Atanganaaaa! Maxi Falcón’s “catapult” in the middle of the match against Fortaleza that reminded WWE

Minute 91 and part of the commitment, Colo Colo fell 3 to 4 against Fortaleza and saw buried any option to advance to the next phase of the Copa Libertadores de América. Of course, to achieve this, they had to be close to epic and score twice in the three and a half minutes remaining until Esteban Ostojich’s whistle. Probably for this reason, with some impotence, Maxi Falcón, the Uruguayan central defender of the “Cacique”, brought out the “excessive momentum” that many celebrate and others criticize.

It was in a play where Robson, a Brazilian striker who entered the complement, tried to advance down the left wing. Then, trying not to commit an infraction, “Peluca” stopped him and allowed Vicente Pizarro to get out with a ball forward.

It happens that when he tried to get up, Robson did the same and appeared right in front of him. And to get rid of him, Falcón resorted to what in wrestling, WWF, WCW, WWE or AEW, as you prefer according to your tastes, is known as “Catapult”: he lifted the Brazilian on his shoulders and dropped him dangerously on his back , in the purest style of superstars like Undertaker or Shawn Michaels.

Luckily for him, there wasn’t much left and the interlude wasn’t going to change anything, so Ostojich decided to stop the match and barely admonish both of them, when according to the replay the play deserved much more.

Again, it was probably a palpable proof of the impotence that the albos suffered at that point in the game. With that result, which was definitive, the “Cacique” sealed his elimination from the tournament that excited them so much, culminating in third place in his group and having to settle for an unplanned qualification for the Copa Sudamericana.

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