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Few films have had as much impact as ET The Extra Terrestrial. When it was released 40 years ago, it had a total impact on the industry and made Steven Spielberg the quintessential filmmaker of big-budget productions with the best special effects. And all thanks to the emotional story of a boy and his alien friend.


What I expose above is not an exaggeration, but a real context of the history of cinema in the United States in 1982. Spielberg was respected from his film jaws (Shark, 1975) and later, with Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, 1977). Another huge hit was the first Indiana Jones film, which was titled Raiders of the Lost Ark (Raiders of the Lost Ark1981).

With encountersY ET, the director became famous as a professional dedicated to science fiction and space films. The truth is that he has productions of various genres, such as science fiction, dinosaurs (or monsters), biographical, historical, war, musicals, stories and more.


Spielberg became the benchmark of American cinema. ET it was so important that it became the logo of his own production company, Amblin Entertainment.

For his part, the composer John Williams was already considered a kind of musical deity, revered for his soundtracks in jaws, starwars, Superman Y Raiders of the Lost Ark. With ET, continued to gain followers. He left you a link with a note from Indiana Jones:


Music is so important ET, that Williams could seem something like a co-director, taking the viewer as he wants and where he wants. Just as in starwarsthe production would not have worked the same if it had been sounded with current music, with electric drums and synthesizers.

ETin turn, was a film that was immediately adopted to entertain children who, ecstatic, took advantage of the new home formats of reproduction, such as Beta or VHS cassettes to play it over and over again (a very familiar situation for those parents who can recite and sing Frozen memory, already in the digital age).


However, the film could -at times- seem that it is not entirely aimed at the children’s segment. It is enough to see the beginning, which does not have music, but sounds more associated with horror films.

Other elements give us that indication, such as the typography in the credits and logo, the low lighting (a good resource that helps to give realism to the sets and the spaceship), the aggressive arrival of humans (the main enemy of the story) , the frantic pursuit of the little entity that provokes its haunting shrieks of despair, and the very design of the alien (who is never given a name). All of this leads one to believe that ET was aimed at older audiences.


And what about the sequence where the alien and family have been caught up in the life-or-death uncertainty of Elliott and his friend from another galaxy? Men dressed in sterile white suits with an inhuman aspect, cause concern at the same time that they offer us a good analogy: the inhumanity of the human.

The intensity of the story, the frequent use of weapons and a tremendous amount of horror elements, are tempered only by the romantic music of Williams, the humor and the innocence of its actors (like a very small Drew Barrymore).


The proven formula of interspersing humor with drama is another characteristic of the production, since they relax the viewer (of any age), to make him lower his guard and strike with a dramatic blow or giving the occasional scare.

Spielberg had one of the greatest successes of his career with ET, the story of beings from another planet, nobles and explorers who leave one of their own stranded on Earth. The shy, but adventurous being, befriends some children… A few million of them over several generations.

ET the alienpremiered on May 26, 1982 and in 2022 turns 40.

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