5 projects by and for women

For this reason, below, and with the collaboration of Ripio specialists, we review some cases of communities where women and non-binary people hold the reins.

women in crypto

these are just 5 examples of community leaders and projects led by women that, despite their importance, in many cases they are still not made visible as they should be.

-Boys Club: with irony in front, Deana Burky Y Natasha Hoskins co-founded this community in 2019. A startup that seeks to bring more women and non-binary people closer to the crypto and web3 space, offering accessible information with a diverse perspective and training. In addition, this group usually organizes meetups and events to promote networking in relaxed environments.

-BFF: it is a group that includes entertainment figures such as actresses Mila Kunis Y Gwyneth Paltrow or the model Tyra banks. Its mission is also to share information, data and insights about the possibilities of the blockchain economy.

-Women of crypto: This NFT collection of 8,888 unique 3D-rendered women was sold out. In an attempt to close the gap and facilitate inclusion, the proposal of its creator, the graphic artist Yam KarkaiIt was “work tirelessly on educating and empowering people who are underrepresented in the crypto world“.

-Black Women Blockchain Council: It is a group that since 2018 raises awareness of the racial divide of crypto investment. Besides, works on the overlapping of the different lines of exclusion that occur at the economic level, such as racial (when a migrant person is not accepted for certain jobs), gender (when a woman or non-binary person is not taken into account for hierarchical positions) or geographical (when the door is closed to a person from a poor neighborhood or from a discriminated country).

-SheFi: Maggie Love entered the ecosystem in 2017 and immediately realized that girls were missing. She interpreted that it was a problem of access to information and founded SheFi, with the challenge of provide accessible education so that “women, like men, talk about crypto in their group of friends or during dinner“. The evolution of that idea was the assembly of a DeFi platform of loan pools to generate yield, invest or trade and borrow cryptocurrencies.

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