When Tom Cruise decided to start risking his life on his shoots

Woo and his fear of heights instantly answered no way, but Cruise was a producer. And therefore he had to be heeded even when he was planning what could clearly lead to his suicide. “It made me very angry that he wanted to do it,” the filmmaker told Entertainment Weekly, “but I tried to stop him and I couldn’t. She was so scared that she was sweating. I couldn’t even look through the combo while we were rolling it”.

Just to show that he was serious, Cruise stopped building a small-scale replica of the cliff he intended to climb. The sets department had been detailing the bloody rocks at Dead Horse Point for weeks, but the star wanted nothing to do with it. Paramount managed to convince him to carry a very thin security cable (which was later digitally erased) and made sure to have a professional climber advise him between takes, but that’s where his concessions ended. Woo later recalled how the constant focus problems of coordinating five cameras, including cranes and helicopters, so many meters above ground forced them to retake multiple shots. Normally, the lead actor in a movie would fly into a rage at such a situation, even more so if he demands that he hang on for the life of him for a few more minutes in the sweltering heat. Cruise? Cruise was happy to do it one more time, says Woo. Even after dislocating his shoulder jumping over rocks, this actor seemed delighted to have to retake as many takes as needed.

The end result, choreographed to the rhythm of Zap Mama, is a pinnacle (pardon the easy joke) of action cinema that Cruise, always dissatisfied with the progressively higher standards he sets for himself, hasn’t stopped trying to surpass ever since. so. If you do not include at least two stunt extremely dangerous made by himself, it is not a movie of Mission Impossible. The public knows it, and he knows that the public knows it. Ever since that nightmarish shooting session in Utah, Tom Cruise began to literally put his life in the hands of the public, to risk his life just for us. Actually, it all stems from the first installment: As the actor/producer and De Palma were mulling over a really explosive way to wrap up their conversation with Kittridge (Henry Czerny), head of the IMF, Cruise had the idea of ​​making Ethan blow up a giant aquarium. The team evaluated the possible dangers of such a complicated practical special effect and concluded that it was better to use a double: the number of small crystals that would be thrown could seriously injure him, although the most worrying thing was that he ended up drowning in the process.


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