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nicolas cage the unbearable weight of a huge talent

‘The unbearable weight of a huge talent’ in theaters on June 17

Director Tom Gormican (‘My friends’ girlfriends’), who is also behind the script along with Kevin Etten (‘Ghosted’), comments that the film is a sincere, authentic and hilarious love letter to Nicolas Cage, as he is known and loved, but as we have never seen him before. It is the role for which he was born.

Official synopsis:

Nicolas Cage plays… Nick Cage in this self-parodic comedy set in Mallorca, with many references to his film career. Cage is an actor full of debts and with a bad relationship with his family, who is forced to accept a millionaire sum to attend the birthday of an eccentric billionaire, Javi Gutiérrez, played by Peter Pascal (‘The Mandalorian’, ‘Game of Thrones’), big fan of his work.

nicolas cage the unbearable weight of a huge talentThe cast of ‘The Unbearable Weight of a Huge Talent’ is completed by stars of the stature of Tiffany Haddish (‘Girls plan’, ‘Partners and enemies’), Sharon Horgan (‘Game Night’, ‘Catastrophe’), Neil Patrick Harris (‘Gone Girl’, ‘How I Met Your Mother’), Alessandra Mastronardi (‘To Rome with love’), Ike Barinholtz (‘Suicide Squad’), Lily Sheen (‘Everyone is fine’) and Demi Moore (‘Immune’, ‘Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle’). In addition, we can see Paco Leon (‘Madrid is burning’, ‘Kiki, love is being made’), in his Hollywood debut, playing Lucas Gutiérrez, Pascal’s cousin. It will also be the first time we see the Spanish actor acting in English and playing a villain.

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