Tom Cruise’s watch will be accurate until the year 2100

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It’s been a good week for Tom Cruise. After two years of delay, he finally strutted down the Cannes red carpet at the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick. Fortunately, the wait seems to have been worth it, since the film has obtained unexpectedly positive reviews and a five-minute standing ovation from the Cannes public, known to be quite capricious. Unlike other black-tie events, the Cannes dress code has always offered more room for interpretation. Think, for example, of the fuchsia pink Louis Vuitton suit that Spike Lee wore last year, or the Dan Flashes shirt that Bill Murray also surprised us with in the 2021 edition. However, unlike his peers delivery, Cruise was very elegant but also quite conservative on the red carpet, topping off his tuxedo with disheveled hair and a $120,000 high-complication watch made by the world’s oldest watchmaker. Goose would be proud.

Dominique Charriou

Tom Cruise’s Vacheron Constantin Overseas Perpetual Calendar Ultra-Thin

Although he seems to have settled comfortably into a career that jumps from one action franchise to another, Tom Cruise is a surprisingly versatile actor.. The same can be said for the elegant Vacheron Constantin watch he wore to collect his honorary Palme d’Or this week, a robust sports watch refined enough to fit under the cuff of a tuxedo shirt. Based on the standard Overseas, which has all the beauty of a 1970s AP Royal Oak but without all the hype, this one features a very complex perpetual calendar movement that will mark the correct day, date, month and moon phase for the next 78 years without the need for any adjustments.

Keyur Khamar

Tiger Woods Rolex Deepsea

Woods go back to the greens this week to contest the PGA Championship at Tulsa’s Southern Hills Country Club, where the golf star will pursue his 16th major and 83rd PGA Tour win. Unlike his shoe choice, which has changed for the first time this year since 1996, Woods remains true to his Rolex Deep Sea, the brand’s highest-end diving watch. An apt choice for a guy who eats world records for breakfast, the Deepsea is famous for having traveled to the bottom of the ocean with James Cameron’s submersible, and has a water resistance of an impressive 4,000 meters. Woods’ Deepsea features a D-Blue dial, whose gradient from blue to black is inspired by the gradual fading of light as it descends underwater, and it looks great with a green blazer.

Matt Winkelmeyer

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Frosted Gold Double Balance-Wheel Openworked by Travis Scott

Although, at first glance, the rainbow AP from Travis Scott it’s a nice watch, its frosted gold surface deserves a closer look. Created by striking white gold with a specialized diamond-tipped tool, its original frosted patina is actually the result of thousands of tiny dents. Don’t try it at home, kids.

Maddie Meyer/PGA of America

Scotty Scheffler’s Rolex Oyster Perpetual 41

Whether Scotty Scheffler takes home a 2022 PGA Championship win As if not, it has already won the title of the most coveted watch on the circuit thanks to this Rolex with a dial “Coral Red” which draws a lot of attention. Released in the summer of 2020, the red dial OP (along with yellow and Tiffany blue versions) quickly became one of the most desired and hard to find parts of the Rolex range. Anyone who wants to own a colored Oyster Perpetual in 2022 will have to bid on it (and shouldn’t be surprised if they have to pay up to 10 times the original retail price of $5,900), as Rolex discontinued them without saying anything earlier this year. And yes, LeBron has one too.

Sam Greenwood

Tommy Fleetwood’s TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition

Although golfers increasingly rival the stars of the NBA and the pilots of F1 with their watch collections, most still don’t wear a watch on the field. However, the TAG Heuer Connected Tommy Fleetwood is more than just a fancy watch. In addition to its turf-inspired green and white colourway, the latest edition of TAG Heuer’s luxury smartwatch offers club recommendations, keeps track of scores and uses tee shot tracking to perfectly spot the tee shot in the field. each hole. Add the TAG Heuer Golf smartphone app and you will have detailed 3D maps of 40,000 golf courses, very useful whether you are preparing for a Tour championship, or if you are simply dusting off the clubs for the first round of the season.

Kevin Mazur

John Cena’s Rolex Explorer II

While arguing with rock the title of “most lovable wrestler turned actor”, the protagonist of HBO Max’s Peacemaker is doing things his way. To wit: while Dwayne Johnson, like other guys who seem capable of ripping a phone book in half, loves his collection of Panerai dive watches, Dinner appeared with a Rolex Explorer II relatively inconspicuous. A rugged field watch equipped with a GMT function and a crisp white dial, the Explorer is built to withstand arctic expeditions, but is no less sophisticated enough to wear on the red carpet for that.

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