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Tom Hanks’ foray into acting happened almost by chance. It was during his adolescence that he approached the theater, and little by little he began to discover his true passion. Over the years he managed to consolidate a career in the cinema with films that have been seen all over the world, until he became one of the most famous actors in Hollywood.

At 65 years old, he enjoys a successful career and multiple important awards including his two Oscar statuettes for best actor, as well as several Golden Globes, Emmy and SAG, the latter one of the most prestigious in the film industry. Hanks is more relevant than ever, with new projects added to a long list of blockbuster movies.

This film was released in 2000. Tom Hanks played a FedEx employee who managed to survive a fatal plane crash and ended up marooned on a desert island. For several years, the protagonist struggled to survive without food and only surrounded by the sea, until he was finally saved, an experience that marked his life forever.

In 1993, the actor surprised with this performance that earned him an Oscar and various nominations for prestigious film awards. The film was acclaimed both for Hanks’ portrayal of an employee fired for being infected with HIV, as well as for the courtroom drama and still-taboo subject matter for the 1990s. In this film he shared credits with Antonio Banderas and Denzel Washington, the latter a homophobic and prejudiced lawyer.

Tom Hanks worked alongside Steven Spielberg in this critically acclaimed film. The actor gave life to Captain Miller, leader of a platoon whose purpose is to find Private Ryan (Matt Damon), to convince him to return home and leave the battlefield in the middle of World War II. The film earned 11 Oscar nominations, including Best Sound, Best Cinematography, Best Picture and Best Director.

You can’t talk about Tom Hanks’ successful career without including this film that earned him his second Oscar statuette. For many it is the most important film in the actor’s career, who played this young woman who, despite her learning difficulties, was praised for her kindness, innocence and sympathy, which led him to become a successful university student. also a soldier serving in Vietnam, achieve a prosperous shrimping business, a stock investor and even a national celebrity for running from coast to coast in the United States.

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