The trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard lives its last days

ORne of the most mediatic trials in history is about to come to an end. The conflict between Johnny Depp and his ex-partner, AmberHeard, lives its last days of a process that has been broadcast live and has captured the attention of half the planet.

The reason, a lawsuit for defamation of the actor to the actress for the value of 50 million dollars for an article she wrote in Washington Post. The end of the trial, if there are no changes to the agenda, is scheduled for this Friday.

Looking ahead to this Wednesday, the model’s witness is scheduled Kate Moss, ex-partner of the actor during the 90s. His statement is one of the most anticipated and there are many who point out that it could be key in the evolution of the judicial process. Throughout the sessions, several ex-partners of Depp have testified, giving differing opinions on the actor’s behavior. You can follow it live on the website of MARK.

Trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard live

The president of DC denies Amber Heard

In the last hours there has been speculation about the reduction of the role of Amber Heard in the film ‘Aquaman 2’. The president of DC Films, Walter Hamadahas denied the actress, who stated that she practically lost the role due to pressure from Johnny Depp. In this sense, the director has assured that the decision to reduce the weight of her character in the film was made in the initial phase of development.

Zendaya, Gal Gadot and Ana de Armas appear at the trial

The names of actresses like Zendaya, Gal Gadot or the well-known in Spain Anne of Arms court proceedings have appeared. This is due to the statements of the film consultant kathryn arnoldwhich established a negative correlation between the work of the lawyers of Depp and the evolution of the actress’s career. “Her career would have taken a similar direction to those actresses if it weren’t for the cheating allegations,” she claimed.

These words were disputed by the team of Deppwho pointed out that the professional career of Amber Heard was not comparable to that of the names mentioned in his testimony. Moreover, he pointed out that the ex-partner got some roles, such as the one in the first film of ‘Aquaman’thanks to Depp’s contacts.

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