The Rock becomes an anime character in a TikTok video: the result is … particular

In anime fandom there are many fans who would like funny thing is that in some anime there have been characters that are actually transpositions of real people, just think of Cromartie High Schoolwhere one of the characters practically Freddie Mercury.

A video of TikTok realized by atagua (Atagua_arts) went viral because it shows an anime version of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. But this is not a classic fanart that shows the actor in an anime version, as it is a digital modification to a photo of him, transforming him into a “real” anime person.

Atagua added black hair to him, enlarged his eyes, and made his nose and mouth smaller. As a nose he used a drawing of an anime boy. The result is practically scary: in this anime version The Rock looks extremely disproportionate, so much so that now his neck seems even bigger than his entire head!

The video received 3.1 million views, was shared 65.5 thousand times and received 58.1 comments. In the latter, many users have defined the video as a “work of art” while others have written that they are frightened or amused. The user Wsg mamas, on the other hand, made fun of the video by writing that in the final result he recognizes her ex, while Detsawm instead recognized us ET.

This is also not the first time The Rock has received such a giveaway. The artist JohnnyJunkers created a statue of the Pokémon Eevee with the head of The Rock, defined by Johnny “a rock-type evolution for Eevee“.

The Rock’s current projects

In this period The Rock is busy with work on two films based on the Dc Comics comics: Black Adam – where he plays the anti-hero of the same name – e DC’s League of Super Pets – an animal-centric animated film from DC superheroes where he dubbed Superman’s dog, Krypto.

The actor is also working on the sitcom Young Rock, centered around his life, recently revamped for a third season. In the series, the actor voices him as a narrator, while he is played by the actors as a young man Adrian Groulx, Bradley Constant And Uli Lakutefu.

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