the relationship between Zendaya and Ana de Armas in the trial for defamation between the two artists

The defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard will be remembered as one of the most mediatic in history due to the large number of Hollywood celebrities that have been linked to the case.

Stars like Kate Moss, James Franco, Elon Musk, Jason Momoa, Ellen Barkin, and Marilyn Manson have been mentioned in the legal battle between both artists.

However, during the last week of the trial the names of Zendaya and Ana de Armas came up and this caught the attention of millions of people who closely follow the outcome of this media battle.

Both Hollywood stars were mentioned by Kathryn Arnoldentertainment industry consultant and Amber Heard’s witness, in the session held on Monday, May 23.

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During his time on the stand, Arnold indicated that Amber Heard could have had the same success as Zendaya, Ana de Armas and other celebrities had it not been for the smear campaign started by Johnny Deppa situation that caused it to lose approximately US$50 million in profits.

“When you look at the time Adam Waldman’s statements came out [abogado de Depp] and you look at what was happening in Mrs. Heard’s career before the statements and what happened after, that correlation is very clear, “he assured.

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“It is very reasonable to believe that his career would have continued to grow like those other actors were it not for the cheating allegations. His world has gone silent on opportunities,” Arnold concluded.

After these accusations, Johnny Depp’s lawyers assured that Amber Heard’s career is not comparable to movie stars like Jason Momoa, Zendaya or Ana de Armassince they belonged to a franchise or had more relevance in the industry than the 36-year-old actress.

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These statements were given after Amber Heard was affected by the lawsuit against her seeing his screen time drastically reduced in the next film of Aquamana production that will be released in early 2023.

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