The mansion of zen interiors of the rocker husband of Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Baker pose in the kitchen of the house they share in Calabasas, California.

The newly released husband of the oldest of the Kardashians, drummer Travis Baker, has caused a stir on the networks by showing the interior of his house. The look of him as a tough guy full of tattoos has nothing to do with the simple and zen decoration of the mansion that he shares with her three children and Kourtney Kardashian.

As the couple married this weekend in Portofino, Italy in a spectacular wedding organized by designers Dolce & Gabbana, fans were surprised to learn of the calm inside the rocker’s property located in the town of Calabasas (California).

The tour of the house, explained by Baker himself and where his wife makes a cameo, was published by the American edition of Architectural Digest magazine. In it, the Blink-182 drummer recounts what day to day is like in each of the rooms of the house that he shares with his children Atiana de la Hoya, 23, Landon, 18, and Alabama, 16.

“I wanted an atmosphere of spiritual calm,” Baker says of the mansion’s renovation. The rocker bought the mansion in 2007 Along with his ex-wife, Shanna Moakler, crowned Miss USA in 1995, for 9.5 million dollars (8.9 million euros). when the celebrities they had not yet reached Calabasas.

Three years ago, the musician decided that he wanted to give it a new look. At the suggestion of his current mother-in-law, Kris Jenner, he hired Cuban-born designer Waldo Fernndez, famous for his interventions in Los Angeles mansions, for the renovation.

The result is neutral-colored interiors, with contemporary furnishings, modern art pieces, and replete with memorabilia from her music career, and her relationship with Kardashian. “I loved the simplicity and Zen quality of his work. We connected right away,” says Barker of his first meeting with the designer.

fan reaction

The surprise of the fans when they saw the interior added reactions in the publication of the video on Instagram. “A pleasant surprise to see the decoration, I love it,” said a follower. “Elegant, simple and unpretentious,” celebrated another. “It’s not at all how I imagined her house would be, she has very good taste,” added the next.

The exhibition of the mansion also took its critics. Some said that the house no longer seems his, but his wife’s, embarked with the entire family clan on the recording of the new reality show produced by the Hulu platform, the kardashiansin which Baker himself participates.

The renewal took place before starting his relationship with Kourtney Kardashian a year ago, culminating in the wedding last weekend. However, both have been friends and neighbors for more than a decade, and both families already had a fluid relationship, as they themselves explain in the television series.

In fact, it was the Kardashian clan that made the town of Calabasas, located an hour’s drive from Los Angeles, fashionable when the program began to be broadcast in 2007. Keeping up with the Kardashians that made them famous. In April 2022, home prices in the area are up 10.8% from a year earlier and are selling for a median price of $1.9 million, according to Redfin data.

The rest of the criticism was against the magazine for showing a house that, according to them, is not up to the mansions that usually appear in the prestigious publication. “There is nothing impressive in it,” read one of the comments. “I was expecting more from a guy who has tattoos all over his head,” said another.

Barker explains in the video that this understated environment is perfect for relaxing when he returns from busy tours. And very different from some of his previous residences. “I’ve had houses with lots of flashy cars, murals and bikes hanging from the ceiling,” he admits. But for his new married life, where he has joined the household with his wife plus the three children, still children, that she had with Scott Disick, the place “is more suitable” for the moment in which he is living.

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