The (low cost) secret of Kim Kardashian’s lifting effect gaze

Among the stars there is a beauty trend that allows you to immediately enlarge your gaze and lift it with a few, very simple gestures. This is the fox eye concealer hack: so loved on social media, this trick allowed Kim Kardashian to show off big eyes and a fresher, almost rejuvenated look. The secret is all in a single (low cost) product, the corrector. Let’s see which one to choose and how to use it.

How to replicate the fox eye concealer hack

Do you want to put your eyes under the magnifying glass? The Kim Kardashian’s secret and of many other stars for a fox look hides in a few gestures that we can easily replicate. The product that we just can’t do without, in this case, is the concealer. Faithful friend of all of us, essential to get rid of ugly dark circles and other small imperfections before moving on to make-up, this time it is used to create plays of light and shadows with a very specific purpose: to widen the eyelid, lift the skin around the eyes and raise the cheekbones. The result? Bigger eyes and intense gaze.

The first step in adopting the fox eye concealer hack technique is to apply a good moisturizing base. The skin, in order to be able to absorb the concealer in the right way, must in fact not only be perfectly clean, but also nourished and well hydrated. The Revlon Perfecting + Smoothing Primer, with a creamy texture, is applied in a few moments and smoothes the skin by reducing the finest wrinkles, thanks to the formula enriched with hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5 and pumpkin seed extract. In this way the make-up will last longer without smudging.

After applying the primer, we move on to the concealer. The liquid formulation is certainly the best for obtaining a lifting effect, and among the best products in circulation there is certainly the NYX Concealer Cant ‘Stop Won’t Stop: its very light texture allows you to blend it with a few gestures, covering imperfections and illuminating the skin. On Amazon it has collected over 16 thousand reviews and 81% of users have rated it with 4 or 5 stars, confirming it as a real must have for perfect make-up.

Another great choice is the Maybelline New York Instant Anti-Age liquid concealer. It is easily applied, thanks to the comfortable sponge that allows you to dose the product well without waste, and in a few taps it covers any imperfection, illuminating and sculpting the eye contour. Its formulation with goji berries and haloxyl helps keep the skin young and slow down skin aging.

The concealer should be applied in small quantities under the inner corner of the eye and under the outer one. So we need to blend it: from the inner corner we have to push towards the cheekbones, while from the outer one we have to aim towards the temples. In this way we will have a natural and immediate lifting effect. To blend the concealer, we can use a drip brush. Kiko’s has an ergonomic handle with a rounded shape and high-density bristles that ensure a uniform application of the product.

Kiko drop brush

Kiko drop brush

Indispensable for perfect make-up, it is excellent for applying concealers and cream or powder eyeshadows

The final touch for a perfect vaulted look is eyeliner, which is applied from the eyelid to the outer corner, aiming upward to lift the eye. For those who want a wow effect, you can also continue towards the inner corner so as to lengthen the gaze. L’Rimmel London Exaggerate eyeliner combines an intense black with a luminous finish with a long duration: it is a waterproof product that remains flawless for up to 24 hours, without the need for retouching.

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