The keys to the haircut that is sweeping the famous and that Sara Montiel has already worn

There is no doubt that
the mullet is (along with the shaggy and the nape bob) one of the haircuts that are sweeping this spring. We have already seen several celebrities bet on him, from Úrsula Corberó to Miley Cyrus. However, what you probably don’t know is that it is a style worn by Sara Montiel herself 70 years ago. All one ahead of her time!

We have wanted to collect the keys that explain the return of this haircut and, for this, we have resorted to two great experts in hair trends. Specifically, we wanted to talk to them about the version they wear
celebrities like Camila Cabello and which is called long disconnected mullet or octopus cut mullet.

Lets start by the beginning. What cut are we talking about? This version of the mullet consists of wearing a short upper area. Sideburns, on the other hand, are left longer to frame the jaw. As for the length of the nape, it can be adapted to different tastes.

“It’s perfect for round faces and wavy hair, where it looks very chic because it creates asymmetrical structures,” explains Carlos Fernández, from Franck Provost. To which Alberto Sanguino, from Llongueras, adds that
personality is important too and recommends it for women “who have a very new, fresh, on-trend attitude.”

Carlos Fernández does not remember that “these types of cuts are on the line between being an extravagant and beautiful cut and being a disheveled cut.” Therefore it is important to take care of your appearance. Despite this, the mullet is one of the great trends of spring and will continue to be one of the most demanded cuts when summer arrives. Do you dare to wear it too?

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