The irony of fate held an unexpected lesson for Will Smith

Will Smith has returned to our screens after the resounding slap to Chris Rock. But not precisely with a new series or movie, but with an interview that he recorded before the controversy that arose at the last awards ceremony Oscar. The actor, who has been missing from the media radar since the scandal, is one of the guests of the fourth season of They need no introduction with David Letterman what Netflix premiered on May 20.

Throughout the hour-long talk they talk about the beginnings of the actor, his disappointments and experiences in the world of rap, his biographical book and opinion about the Afro-American society of his country, while opening the channel as usual when putting personal anecdotes on the table. However, one of them hid a meaning that no one would expect. Probably not himself but that now, after what happened at the Oscars, it would be useful to remember her.

Will Smith and David Letterman in the fourth season of 'They need no introduction with David Letterman' (Ser Baffo/Netflix)

Will Smith and David Letterman in the fourth season of ‘They need no introduction with David Letterman’ (Ser Baffo/Netflix)

In the interview it is defined as a “optimistic” What do you think “in the power of hope acknowledging his obsession with the “material success” when he learned that I’m legend had grossed $77 million in its first weekend at the box office, being a resounding success, and he could only wonder why they didn’t make it to 80. So he began to face his fears, spending 14 days without talking to anyone to analyze what was going on in his mind, discovering that “everything had lost its shine”. She realized that getting number one movies was “More an addiction than satisfying the emotional effort”.

And then he shares a story that exposes a personal lesson that now, after the Oscar debacle and the distance from Hollywood (apparently mutual with projects deleted from his schedule or on pause), seems like a most overwhelming irony of fate. His own full blown slap.

You can’t protect your family. It’s not real. Protection and security is an illusion, you must learn to live with the reality that at any moment everything can disappear in a second” he sentenced, reaching the vital conclusion that simply winning was not everything. He chose to stop working for two years and start a spiritual journey that ended up taking him to Peru with the intention of experiment with ayahuasca despite never having used drugs.

For two years he dared to experiment “14 trips” with the psychotropic, then describing the “most diabolical experience” of their life. Will Smith says that he began to hallucinate and “Suddenly I started to see all my money fly away, my house moves away and my career disappears. And I’m trying to get my money and my career, my whole life is being destroyed.

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As if it were a vision of what was to come in his life with the media and professional disaster that the slap to Chris Rock has meant, he then reveals that losing his entire career was the greatest fear of his life. He heard voices telling him that this was his life and his daughter Willow asking him for help, but then he stopped caring about his career and money, and he only thought about helping his daughter. As he calmed down, even though the voices and images continued to haunt him, he realized something: that everything that happens in my life, I will be able to deal with it. I can deal with anyone I lose, anything that goes wrong in my life, in my marriage, anything that this life throws at me.”

He assures that the “99% of the shit we worry about never happens. 99% of your pain and misery is self-generated, it’s not real.” However, that hallucination and the greatest fear of his life that he thought would never happen, that it was just a fear and a worry, came true. Right now his projects are on pause, he has had to resign from the Academy membership and sanctioned without being able to attend the Oscars or any event of the organization for 10 years.

Paying attention to his story, which he shares in the interview with all the security and dedication that characterized him for so long as a public figure, it seemed to me that I was listening to a resounding irony of fate. That experience with ayahuasca helped him let go of that fear of losing everything, realizing that he could handle everything that life puts in front of him. And since we haven’t heard from him for several months, beyond the fact that he was admitted to a rehabilitation center last April (his social networks have been inactive since he apologized for the slap), I wonder if Will Smith It will help you to watch this interview now that it is available and remember what he said.

Perhaps he is still applying the lesson behind the world’s back as he deals with the situation in front of him right now. Or maybe it will help him to see himself and bring back to memory the lesson that fate made him learn before the biggest scandal of his career.

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