Star Wars: A new hope, curiosities that maybe you did not know

45 years ago it premiered the first installment of the most important science fiction saga in pop culture. starwarslater renamed Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope due to the extension of the saga, it is a creation of the filmmaker george lucas and is considered a milestone in the history of cinema for the use of special effects that innovated at the time and is one of the most influential in contemporary cinematography.


This tape is full of curiosities that you possibly did not know and here we tell you some of them:

one. george lucas showed one of the first cuts of the film to several directors, including Brian De Palmawho thought it was “the worst movie I’ve ever seen” Y steven spielbergwhich he predicted would be a box office hit.

Brian de Palma

2. In early drafts of the script, the droid R2-D2 spoke English but finally it was decided to remove the dialogues and put its own language.


3. Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher did not use doubles for the scene where Luke and Leia hang from a wire to escape.

mark and carrie

4. At the time of the premiere George Lucas was convinced that the film would be a flop so after the pressure he suffered during filming, instead of going to the premiere he went to Hawaii with his friend Steven Spielbergcuriously they began to devise Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark.

george lucas

5. According to Harrison Ford, he and Mark Hamill only got their act together on set when alec guinness arrived.


6. Many exterior scenes were filmed in the Tunisian desert and at that time, the Libyan government declared an alarm over a huge military vehicle which was on the border between the two countries, and threatened Tunisia with starting a military mobilization. The Tunisian government told Libya that it was a mistake since it was a Jawa vehicle so Lucas was kindly asked to take him away from the border.


7. This is the only film in the Star Wars saga to have been nominated for Best Picture at the Oscarswas also the first science fiction film to achieve such a nomination.


8. Contrary to what many believe, Darth Vader’s imperial march does not sound on the tape since it was not yet composed.

9. Lucas gave up his salary as director in exchange for having the exploitation rights of all the merchandising both from Star Wars IV: A New Hope, and from possible sequels.

star wars merch

10. Fox executives were concerned about the repercussion that Chewbacca’s character was “naked” in the film so they insisted Lucas to dress him and thus prevent the film from being classified as pg18. Luckily, Lucas ignored the requests of the executives and there were never any controversies or problems due to Chewie’s appearance.




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