Roblox on Nintendo Switch: Is it possible to reach the console?

Nintendo, and more specifically the Switch-focused division, is no stranger to the success of Roblox. This video game platform, which emerged in 2006, has become over the years an industry giant. From his birth until today, Roblox has seen the birth tens of millions of games created by its users. And these figures, far from stagnating, are only increasing.

For this reason, the platform is a candy for any system that wants to have its services. It is currently available on PC, Xbox One and mobile devices. In these, users can create their proposals, share them with the world, and at the same time, enjoy the creations of other players. However, David Baszucki, CEO of the company, does not hide his desire to bring roblox to nintendo switch and other systems.

In May 2021 we collected some statements from Baszucki made during the Investor Day of 2021 of the corporation. In said event, the CEO, in addition to pointing out and extolling the virtues of the platform, was enthusiastic about bringing it to systems where it is not yet present. In fact, it was Baszucki himself who spoke about Nintendo Switch, ensuring that “certainly, in the long run, it makes perfect sense for Roblox”. But, despite these statements, a year has passed and there is still no hopeful news. For this reason, today we ask ourselves: are there real possibilities of seeing the platform within the hybrid ecosystem?

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A very successful alliance with some obstacles

The main enemy of this hypothetical landing would be, without a doubt, Nintendo itself. The Japanese firm has repeatedly shown his disinterest in video games that can be modified. In fact, the Big N is quite restrictive with content that can hurt sensitivity. Therefore, news like the controversy with the names in Nintendo Switch Sports, where some users managed to get around the filter and use offensive names, caught many by surprise. And this, on a platform like Roblox, could be the order of the day.

Although the service is known for being focused on a mostly child audience, since it is the age range in which it is most popular, on occasion has been involved in controversy over the content of some of its proposals. And Nintendo, which already ignores certain erotic cut proposals available in the hybrid catalog, could have chosen to keep their backs. However, in view of the possibilities, this would be a big mistake.

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The volume of games available on Roblox, as we already mentioned in the first lines, easily exceeds 40 million titles. This places him, irrefutably, at the forefront of the industry as the service with the most video games available. And, although most of these are of dubious quality, users seem to be happy as the number of players and games continues to grow. With these figures in hand, imagine how successful the arrival of the platform and its millions of proposals on Nintendo Switch would be. a system with more than 107 million players. We would speak, without a doubt, of figures that would not stop breaking records.

Roblox on Nintendo Switch: halfway between reality and dream

Unfortunately, beyond these hypotheses and theories, there is nothing official about it. The words of David Baszucki, CEO of the company, confirmed the interest in integrating its service in the hybrid ecosystem. However, more than a year has passed and, except for a sudden turn of events, we still have no news about an arrival that would make many users happy. Furthermore, the launch of Video Game Studioa “House Brand” Roblox made by Nintendo, proved that the Japanese firm is in no hurry to reach an agreement. But, as users have verified, this proposal is far from what Roblox could be.

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Be that as it may, the interest is real and, if the CEO spoke loud and clear, it is because he has already begun the maneuvers to try to bring the service to Nintendo Switch. Beyond this, as we already mentioned, we cannot confirm the hypothetical release of Roblox on the Big N console. In the long-term future, as Baszucki said, who knows what will happen. If it were up to him, it is clear that we would be talking about an alliance that, except for a major surprise, I would reap millionaire figures without rest. At the end of the day, if we join a massive platform to a console with millions of users, the result can only be successful.

So, so far, these are the chances of seeing Roblox on Nintendo Switch. At the moment, it is more a wish of the CEO of the platform than a real possibility, but who knows if the situation will change in the future. And you, would you like to see the service on the hybrid console? Would you design your own proposals or would you enjoy those of other users? We read you in the comments.

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