Rita Moreno will be the grandmother of Vin Diesel

Now, Vin Diesel himself has made it official that the actress has signed for Fast Xtenth installment of the franchise Fast&Furiouswhere she will play her character’s grandmother. “It has always been my dream to work with Rita Moreno, and the fact that I’m here playing my grandmother makes my soul smile,” the actor explained on social media, in a video in which he appears with her and Michelle Rodriguez. “I feel blessed. “

Michelle Rodriguez herselfhe cuts in at the end of the 42-second clip, exclaiming, “Rita Moreno is with us, baby!” Throughout the filming of FastX, Vin Diesel has been sharing videos in which he talks about the filming, and photos with the actors who are joining the franchise.

Louis Leterrier directs the film after Justin Lin resigned a week after filming began.

After Dom’s long-lost brother Jakob (John Cena) showed up on Fast & Furious 9, Vin Diesel confirmed that talks had been had about who would be the mother of the Toretto. For now it is not known who will interpret it.

After several years in roles that have gone more or less unnoticed, Rita Moreno has returned to the forefront of today after appearing in West Side Storyby Steven Spielberg, review of the film that made her a celebrity.

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