Rapper Fat Joe Disses Tekashi 6ix9ine: “I’m convinced he wants to die”


It is no secret that Tekashi 6ix9ine was the No. 1 in the hip-hop world. 69 famously sued his gang, the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods, on RICO charges that include illegal possession of firearms, racketeering and attempted murder in November 2018. 69 was subsequently sentenced to 24 months in prison with 300 hours of service at the community and a $ 35,000 fine instead of facing life in prison.

69 is also known for ruffling some of the feathers of fellow rappers like Cardi B, YG, Meek Mill, and many more. And as it turns out, Fat Joe isn’t a rainbow-haired MC fan these days.

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The rules in street life are simple: don’t be a spy… under any circumstances. Since he denounced his former troupe in favor of a light sentence in 69, not too many street rappers respect him. Furthermore, 69 has become one of the most prolific trolls in social media. And after Fat Joe made a few choice comments about 69, fans are wondering the details of their beef. Here’s what we know.

Source: GETTY IMAGES Article continues under ad Fat Joe called 69 a “p —- y” on Math Hoffa’s “Expert Opinion” podcast.

Tell us how you really feel, Joe! In a recent episode of Math Hoffa’s Expert Opinion podcast, the Bronx native held back nothing as he described his feelings regarding age 69.

In case you’ve been out of the loop, Fat Joe once sat down with 69 to give him some guidance in February 2018. However, the Terror Squad MC has since changed their tune on the rapper. And once Math raised the discussion, Fat Joe got into 69.

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“I’ll be honest with you,” Fat Joe told Math. “Damn, you went there. This [n-word] is a sucker. It is p — y, a sucker, a b — h.

Fat Joe continued: “I don’t drink. I am completely sober. This guy here. This kind of shit this [n-word] doing, I am convinced that he wants to die – and I do not wish him or anything like that, but I am convinced that he is unhappy in his body. He can’t look in the mirror ”.

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Fat Joe went on to explain his disgust at 69 people who taunted online and spied on. Joe also said that during his February 2018 interview with 69, the couple talked off-screen and 69 made a shocking revelation.

“He lied to me and said, ‘Yo, this is just a picture, I’m dealing with,’ this and that,” recalls Joe. “She told me in front of Shotty and them [n-word]. They were right there with him. He said, ‘Yo Joe, I’m not really doing this. I am not a gangster. That’s it for the promotion. ‘”

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As a result, Joe has lost all respect for 69. After all, lying about your involvement and spying on your “friends” violates the traffic laws.

69 applauded Fat Joe’s recent comments.

69 is known for not letting go of anything. So if anyone mentions his name for any reason, the 26-year-old will likely return fire. And, of course, 69 had some words for Fat Joe.

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According to TMZ, the 69-year-old believes Fat Joe is simply jealous of his career.

“Fat Joe is jealous of 69,” 69 told the outlet. “69 did more in his young career than Fat Joe ever did in his long career. Did Fat Joe say I was unhappy and wanted to die? Fat Joe is unhappy and he wants to die because Fat Joe doesn’t have half what he has 69 in money and cars ”.

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As for Fat Joe’s claims about the MC that his antics were all for promotion, 69 he calls them “fake news.”

“What is your proof that I ever said that?” says 69 to TMZ. “There is no evidence. She is lying. “

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There’s no telling if Fat Joe will respond to 69’s rebuttal, but it’s safe to say the Bronx native is completely over the rainbow-haired MC. Let’s just hope these two men can move on without this situation exploding any more than necessary.


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